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Bunai Di
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Category ideas


This is the simply the first proposal to my maintenance on the wiki. This is discussing categories on the Vocaloid articles.

  • Replace category Female\Male Vocaloids with Feminine\Masculine voicebanks or voice bank

I want to remove the current Vocaloids from the gender mention category and instead focus on the Voicebank's intentions. This would also give the VY series a chance to be sorted without floating in their own category.

Also, I had to lock the current categories due to users constantly editing them by adding or commenting about Vocaloids they believe are not present.

  • Replace category "Language" Vocaloids with "Language" voicebanks or voice bank

It appears that English gets this issue the most when a Japanese Vocaloid is involved. At least with voicebank present it would be obvious what the intention of the vocals is.

I believe it would be good to reduce to use of "Vocaloid" as category starters/endings. I had to do this with the Music category due to it being a bit tedious to sort content.

  • More categories, such as Private voicebank or Limited voicebank, Unreleased or Status unknown etc.

Mainly aimed at products like Lui, Galaco, Ueki-loid, so-on.

  • Company categories Proposed by User:Aster Selene - Topic here

Previously proposed by another contributor, however, I rejected idea based on the content and voicebank status at the time, which was actually very low. I am currently open to the idea and have sorted some pages by the most basic content.

Noticing that many pages relate to Crypton I wanted to keep that category minimal, so it shouldn't need every Project Diva game or Concert for example. Also since Yamaha is pretty much the head of the Vocaloid's existence, the category will not have everything Vocaloid in it.

  • Revising category, Vocaloid Append

The term has become popularized by Crypton fans. But I think it should become more neutral, however, I am unsure what to call it. So feel free to suggest an alternate title.

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Bunai Di

Maybe the term, Upgraded/Updated voicebank could work


I'll go with Upgrade, the definition appears suiting.

eta now I gotta figure out how to sort the new split pages. ^_^;; I believe keeping the mascots in the Vocaloid category works, the voicebanks will either be Software or hmm something.


I think Upgraded/Updated sounds more appropiate for voicebanks that have upgraded to a newer engine (E.g. V1 Kaito -> V3 Kaito, V2 Lily -> V3 Lily etc)

I prefer Additional for Appends/Extends


Okay, sounds good.

The first phase of sorting was done with the creation of "Nav Voicebank gen", this was to gather the present Vocals onto a template. I had to remove Ring, Ueki, and Lui naturally, since their status isn't known beyond demos or minimal info. I guess I can do a "see also" section.


Looking up definition of "Voice bank" and "Voicebank". Google pulls up two results lol

  • (Voice banking) A person’s voice is recorded while they still have functional speech so that it can be used with an AAC device later.
  • UTAUloids come in voicebanks. This is what you call their voice packages.

eta I'm trying to find a professional name for what Vocaloid voice would be. Vocals is something humans have, but a synthesizer has no voice on a technically context.

eta2 I give. I seriously can't think of a sorting method. Now with the software pages, I can't flood the company category like that it makes things messy.


Just a question: For the commerically unreleased page, should Merli not be there too? 


She should be. I thought I had her there ^_^ oops


Anyway. I came to comment on my progress.
I am stuck on sorting the voicebank aka software pages. I know for a way to keep the company categories clean, I can create "voicebank by "company name"", but I can not add the individual banks to the new vocalist/vocals category, it should be as clear as possible by the mascot name.

If I decided to use "voicebank" I may shrink it to "VB". Many people do not view the category itself, but they do use articles to get to other articles.


After running through twenty different ways to rephrase "Append" I settled on "Vocalists with voicebank upgrades". This way there doesn't need to be more categories that further settles on who was updated or has additional. If I did that it would simply be Hatsune and the Kagamines.

Anyway, while it's risky I included Big Al into the section due to his voice provider being switched and his vocals becoming more polished after the fact.


Alright, I believe all the main Vocaloids, Products, and Voicebanks are now sorted. And along with this, two new templates to navigate to the Voicebank pages.