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Bunai Di
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Song page layout

Hello, this is about the song pages and possible ideas to make them better. This isn't a rush suggestion as we have all year to decide.

Ramble ahead
  • I feel the the current set up itself is fine when simple: Song box intro, background, Lyrics, Derivatives etc.
    • I wanted to know how it would be if the image uploads were replaced with video embeds. As in linking to the video visual using the wiki codes. The links themselves can remain however.
    • With the amount of derived covers and works that one page alone can get, the Template:Song_Derivative template takes up space. And while this can be solved by simply tabbing a page, I wondered if the template on song pages should just be done away with in place of thumbnail links. For example the Utaite pages "World is Mine". Fairly recent I saw how to reveal NND thumbnails on the wiki. post here. I told Utaite wiki about this and they manged to get the code to work for the wiki.
    • If this can work, then MAYBE it can be duplicated to the YouTube songlist, but again, with a page like Miku's reaching over hundreds, I am unsure how the page load will react. Angel Emfrbl has been wanting to see something like this for a while.
    • I noticed that the Song Derivative's parameters are often left blank or the description for them is repetitive to the title. There are indeed pages that the Song Derivative is put to full use, so in instances that a work requires heavy information I say leave it to the Succeeding versions or notable works.
    • On a different note. I like colors, so I use the derivative template to decorate the page, but others like 'uniformity' and basically see that the derivative must match the Song box. At least neutralizing the template will prevent this minor thing.
  • Lyric wise I am not sure how the side-by-side thing started, but I can see this simply breaking into having either one set of lyrics at the top and another below it. Everyone is largely English speakers here. Another reason is contributors who want to create a song page but can't figure out how to use basic wiki coding like tables. I created the Lyrics templates, but they are tad flawed by the Oasis skin.
    • i.e. When the lyrics are even for both Japanese and Romaji everything lines up, but when either one has more lyric lines than the other, the template is subject to the content size and thus misalignment happens.
    • The Spanish wiki does a tab method "World is mine" and the Lyrics wiki does a PRE code method "World is Mine" (rom/jpn). The disadvantage may be not being able to use color text.
Subject to be updated if more thoughts come to me.
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Bunai Di

It seems like some still don't get the idea behind the producer order.

First of is the main producer, this is usually the one who writes the music/lyrics, but can also be an illustrator etc. at rare times.

Next is everyone who participated in creating the music:
1) Music
2) Lyrics
3) Additional instruments
4) Mixing
5) Mastering
6) Tuning

And finally everyone who worked on the video:
1) Illustrator
2) Video
3) Encoder
4) Anything else

Now tell me how in the world would it make sense to put the mixer at the end?

LaZMMiSY wrote:
1) Main producer
2) Music

3) Lyrics
4) Additional instruments
5) Illustration
6) Video
7) Mix/mastering

I'm done with this, this is final. Learn to compromise as well.

Learn to compromise indeed.

How the fuck is voice editing part of the music?

Listen, I don't care about your reasoning for how it should be. You are not the only person here, I have different idea about how it should be and yet I said I will agree for an order, even if only to not make problems like this because of you. So instead of being selfish like always, give up on something once in a while, last time I checked, this wikia was a community thing, not LaZMMiSY thing.


Music and video are to very wide categories, but it seems like you haven't noticed that. If you'd like I can rename them to what you hear and what you see.

And no, this is not just my "thing", others have agreed and disagreed.

And again, I don't see the "point" you have talked about for a while. This ordering makes sense, yet you've only stated that you don't want the mixing/mastering to be before the illustrator/video editor. There needs to be a reason for that, which I've supplied several times, not just your own preference.


There is no reason to go with any order at all in the first place, instead of your own preference, so don't start with that.


Angel has stated several times that there is still no established system for naming and sorting on this Wikia. We've finally decided on a way to name for album and song pages, VOCALOID pages still need a little push, and I am trying to help with that by getting a set order that can be used throughout the Wikia. My main reason for this is to get a sense of order, because the way producer have been credited up till now (and again I bring up that it was unusual for more than the main producer to be credited) have only been a big mess.

This ordering was not a problem before, so why do you feel the need to make it one now?


I don't know what are you talking about. Until like the beginning of this year after you started to heavily 'fix' things, everybody was inputting credits however they seen fit. So I could ask you the same question. Why do you need to make problem out of this all of a sudden?

I already explained many times. I would highly prefer the order to be kept intact from the order of producer's description, because it's their work and not yours.

You said it would be better if the order was specific so all pages can be consistent.

I  don't agree the consistency have to be EVERYWHERE, even is such small thing as template parameters.

But, okay. I can understand.

The reason for why I think mixers should be added last is because generally, in descriptions they are listed last. That means the amount of songs where the order would be inconsistent with the original description would be lessened.

Also, you already agreed for this one. This way I can be at least slightly happier and you have your order. Can we get that damn compromise at last? At least when it comes to this?



This is the order that producers will be credited in from now on:
1) Main producer
2) Music
3) Lyrics
4) Arrangement
5) Anything else in composing
6) Additional instruments
7) Illustraton
8) Video
9) Encode
10) Logo design
11) Anything else in video editing
12) Mixing
13) Mastering
14) Tuning/Voice editing

Can we all agree on this?


Yeah, I have no further objections...


Some hours later.

Yeah, it isn't entirely up to admins to create discussion for topics, I guess it just makes it easier. However, I am indeed creating the topics right now, they will be about all four subjects.

I'll link to the topics when I complete them.

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