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• 4/18/2013

What kind of pages

Just out of curiosity, since I think I haven't seen them all yet. What kind of pages do we have on the wiki? I know

  • Vocaloid (mascot, VB etc) pages
  • Producer pages
  • Song pages
  • Album pages
  • derivatives pages
  • song listing pages
    • yt songs
    • famous songs
    • and which else?

are there any other kind of pages?

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• 4/18/2013

> Company pages

> Illustrator pages

> Related/Inspired software (Cantor, UTAU etc)

> Merchandise companies (Good Smile, etc)

> Tutorial pages (Including phonetic pages)

> Fandom pages (explaining Fan terms and such)

> Concert pages

As well as the ones you listed there. Although to be fair I just looked at the navigation bar at the top.

• 4/18/2013

Ah thank you wwww to be honest I never looked at the navigation.

But at least I now know where to look at.

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