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Bunai Di

Miku Notable Songs Page

Hi all. So, since Miku's song page is gigantic, I suggested in the comments to just moving her notables to 1,000,000+ period. Her million section alone is, like, the amount of three other vocaloid's put together.

So, what do you guys think?

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Bunai Di
You and LaZMMiSY have been working on them for at least two years. And you always seem to take your own approach as to what is best for the page. I never understood the set ups or criteria for each of the pages due to the changing view counts and Vocaloid presented.

Wow...have I really been on this wiki that long? Huh.

And yeah, the view counts can change a lot. I don't really understand it that much either. I just go by the general popularity and view counts I guess. Since Miku's regular and million pages are both gigantic, and seeing how super-ultra-mega popular she is, her notables should just be 1,000,000+. The Hall of Fame can take care of the rest, no?


I am not sure how many songs you can continue to fit on that page.

And not all of her notables get that many views. From what I am understanding in the comment section.
So I think the 800,000 and below is a decent cap. There is no problem in creating more pages to compensate for Vocaloid hits.


Hm. I guess that'd be okay. I'm gonna wait to see what more people think, since only three people have voiced their opinions so far.


The thing is, we always try not to stuff too much things on those pages, so they are not THAT huge. For example, Gumi's cap was originally 200,000+, but once there was over 60 songs with 200,000+ (not counting millions), the cap was raised to 300,000+. Same with Rin and Rin and Len.

But Miku has a whole page for herself with million+ songs and there are over 60 songs there already. Additionally she also has a seperate 'notable songs' page with songs that didn't hit million, where there are over 70 songs now, and she ALSO has a seperate page for her only songs that were featured in games.

So that's three "notable songs" for Miku exclusively.

So since, I don't know, but the goal of those sections was to present Vocaloid's most well known songs and Miku has plenty od them, as Ava suggested, it would make sense that if she has enough songs in the million section alone to give people a lot to watch already, that should be her cap, right?

And this would also be fair for other Vocaloids, kind of.

Additionally, recently the "Hall of Fame" category was created for all of the Vocaloids, where all of the songs with 100,000+ hits are displayed.

So eventually, every Miku song that reached Hall of Fame, will be noted on the wikia in one way or another.

>There is no problem in creating more pages to compensate for Vocaloid hits.

No way, she can't get a fourth page.


No way, she can't get a fourth page.

You'll have to explain this.
If it gets to a point that one page isn't working then yes, she can another page. You can't treat the Vocaloids equally when it comes to this, different Vocaloids get more usage than others and thus those are the ones that get the most songs, duets, or cameos. The pages should adapt to which Vocaloid is being featured.
Sub pages don't bother me unless they are under used.

You guys need to work together and come up with a wiki policy for these pages, and I mean an official page. So far you've just been posting songs and then arguing about which ones to post.


That is why we have the "Hall of Fame". It's supposed to list EVERY SINGLE ONE of songs that have over 100,000 hits for each and every one of Vocaloids. That means, Miku's Hall of Fame alone will get like 500 songs in there. There is no reason to give her 4 notable songs pages, where those pages are only for displaying Vocaloids most notable songs. If she has over sixty songs with over one million hits then these are her most notable songs, there is no need to additionally list those that have 600,000+

>So far you've just been posting songs and then arguing about which ones to post.

Erm, no we are not?

Everything is pretty well sorted in those sections and they are currently pretty up to date (aside maybe of Tianyi page which I can't get myself to work on).

Every Vocaloid has a certain view requirement for songs, based on their popularity, and as the number of songs/ popularity raises, the cap is also raised.

Basically with Vocaloids who are popular enough to only have their X00k songs listed, we add them until there is around sixty (since 60+ is overloading the page already), then raise the requirement to another +100k

The only problematic one is Miku. Either way, she needs a cap raise on her not million page.


@Bunai I thought there was already a page with the regulations...I guess there isn't. 

Once this issue is sorted out, I'll try and make one, having never really done anything of that sort.

@Kimi I agree with you for the most part, mostly because you're agreeing with me in the first place XD.

Again, only three people (not counting myself) have voiced their opinions on this, and its a 2-2 tie on what to do. So, still waiting. I'll give it til Friday for people to add to the discussion, and then start doing whatever we decide on.



It is now Sunday. Meant to do this on Friday, but my dad took me on a surprise trip to Cape Cod (I'd never been, we didn't do much, and it was colder than Connecticut, but I had fun).

No one else has said anything. Still a 2-2 tie on what to do. I'll give it til tomorrow to see if anyone will respond. This is the last chance before I do anything.


Started the page Notes; List of featured songs

I am using user:Unknown.System's blog entry as a base. Obvious the page has changed since this person has no edited since February and status is unknown.

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