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How to purchase Rin and Len

how can u buy the vocaloids of len and rin
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Angel Emfrbl

Personally i'd wait until they get a V3 update before deciding to buy them (Although there hasn't been any news suggesting they'll be out anytime soon :S)

Either way you can either buy them on Crypton's site but I don't think they ship to the West so your best bet is eBay, or as suggested above wait for their V3 update so they'll be up on the Vocaloid store.



This is a useful topic at VO for buying vocaloids.

Hope you know Japanese though, if not, wait for their English bank (this is going to be a while though). As Serza said too, their due a V3 update.

Personnelly, there are better vocaloids out there then the Kagamines; I would consider them. Seriously. But if your dead set on getting them...  :-/

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