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Angel Emfrbl

What I need to know about Vocaloids

I really want to learn how to use a vocaloid, and I already looked up some tutorials on Youtube. They gave me some information, but it was sort of vage.

So I just want to know if there is anything that is important for me to know how to do so I can actually use a Vocaloid correctly?

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Angel Emfrbl

You tend to have better luck with learning by going to somewhere like Vocaloid Otaku forums, as they have a "help" section as sorts themselves on how to use vocaloids.

To be honest, using a vocaloid is one part learning about Phonetic data, another part learning about a language itself, and the rest down to music. If you've cracked the first two, the rest will ride on the third one, as Vocaloid functions like most music software, its core interface is familiar to anyone who has used a good software DAW.

If your using a non-English vocaloid, and your primarily language is English, you will need to learn how to learn the language the Vocaloid is in. Or at least how to manipulate it to sound sort of like the language its intended (don't expect HQ results though).


Using english vocaloids takes a bit to learn, i'm still learning how to use english vocals. Your better off using english vocals so your not waiting for someone to translate or your looking for someone to translate. So if you get an english vocaloid I would play around with it, play with the Vel, Dyn, Bre, Bri, Cle, Gen, Por, Pit, Pbs so you now what they do and what you can do to make your vocals sounds great. 


Also, forgot to mention, I'd try a trial as well, theres a few still around.

Status lists the ones we know about, you can find out from there what ones may still be running. Ah software still have their V2's up in demo form (all 4 of them) and I think Gumi's English demo is still up.

You can play with the demos and get a good idea on things.

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