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Is all Vocaloid songs in albums?

I'm new to Vocaloid like i said before and i want to know more 'bout Vocaloid, so i have been downloading some and i got a problem with a song that i liked, and i want to know which album it's from and just can't find a clue, the song is: "GUMI - kimi ni gomen ne ", so i thought it mightn't be from any album, and i want to make sure, for future use and stuff so if anyone know plwase tell me :D

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Technically all VOCALOID songs are fanmade.

Given the high amount of Vocaloid cover songs, be it from a Vocaloid Original or a smash hit song or w/e I doubt even half of all the Vocaloid songs out there are albumed. (Emphasis on "all", this wouldn't be the same case if we were just focusing on Vocaloid Originals)


There are also lots of doujin groups doing Vocaloid songs, so some of their albums have also never been released officially on sites like Karen-T. To buy these albums, you'd have to attend the Vocaloid related events such as The Voc@loid M@ster. Again you can pull up once more the nature of the fandom for this... :-/


So simply, the people or better to say the groups or even companies that want's money, or cares about VOCALOID and may count it as and hobby, or food for their soul, makes the vocaloid songs in albums, and continues making them for a long time, and those people are in small numbers, and in other hand there's people that may have just wanted to try VOCALOID (regardless how did they get it), and there's a lot of these people, and they might have liked it for a short time then got bored of it and leaved it, and most of these people just makes randome songs sometimes and doesn't care a lot 'bout it, so they doesn't make a lot, and doesn't put it in albums, and they aren't 'bout the same thing sometimes so this might be the reason, and there might be another reasons :D


I'm not completely sure what you're saying, but no. There isn't one group of producers who makes song only to profit and the other counts is a hobby. All VOCALOID producer where once new and unknown. They made a song a good number of people liked and the song, the producer, and at times even the VOCALOID, became known or famous. At times like this the producer might sign a contract with a record label (example: 40mP and 164 are signed with EXIT TUNES). A song can even be featured in a compilation album which features songs by many different producers in one album.


I mean that the group actes like the companies, makes a work by the name of the group, and not know who made this song or something, they might put some additional information, like the basist and the lyrics writer or something else, but the credit and the song is known that it was made by that group, that's what i meant


To put it simply :

- There is the producer who usually makes the song, including the vocals using Vocaloid

- There may also be other people working on the lyrics or instrumental, but this is usually done by the producer

- A producer may also work with another producer(/producers) to make a song(s) or an album(s)

- A producer can make their work into an album by putting it on a site such as Bandcamp  , like what Circus-P has done.

- Alternatively a company such as Exit Tunes may ask a producer or producers to put their original song(s) into an album

- Like what's been said producers don't put/have all of their songs in albums, just a handful


thanks for the further explanation Serza5so that's what i meant basically

LaZMMiSY wrote:
Technically all VOCALOID songs are fanmade.

The implications of the statement don't quite work though. c[: All Vocaloid songs are made by 'fans' of Vocaloid I guess, if you count fans as just buying the software. They may not be fans in the traditional sense i.e emotionally invested in the characters and voice.

The word 'fanmade' implies they are secondary importance to songs made by companies and do not stand as canon in their own right, whereas to many people songs commissioned by companies are of less importance than other original Vocaloid songs. 


I must say out of all the questions I've had to answer related to vocaloid, explaining this one has actually been the most fun. :-3

Its not the first time, but we've never had to group together to answer the question and help each other out before. The op's topic has given me a warm fuzzy feeling about everyone here.

@ AlyusserXSebihi ; to be fair this is a complex thing about how vocaloid songs are come into existence. Not many even realise the whole truth about it and this is back to why only a handful get famous. For every 200 songs there is 1 that *might* get noticed. And out of those songs, again onyl 1 in 5000 might get noticed enough to be famous.

ITs surprisingly how difficult it is to get everyone to understand how BIG the vocaloid craze impacted the sites like NND. Something like half the sites uploads at least were vocaloid related at one stage, the music PVs continue to be dominated by vocaloid music videos. :-/

(edit; long story short; don't ever feel embarrassed about asking anything vocaloid songs related, you're already much more informed then many of the random youtubers are).

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