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Bunai Di

New feature: Preload templates

To make new articles easier to edit, Preload templates have been created. If you are on the default Oasis skin, you should it on the right side of the content box. And if you are on Monobook skin, you should see it below the content box. This is a MediaWiki JS alteration and requires java to function. Though on Monobook you should be able to get the non java version to work just fine; it is located above the content box.

  • Where it says "Standard preloads", you can click where it says "(Browse)" to pull down a list of templates. Clicking on one of them will place it on the page you are editing, rather than having to find a page that has the template.



Preloadtemplate monobook

Preload template on Monobook
Update Jun/15/13 the box is hidden under a collapse code, click [Expand] to the far right.


Preloadtemplate oasis1

1) Preload template on Oasis

Preloadtemplate oasis2

3) Selecting a single template or page layout with infobox template

Preloadtemplate oasis3

4) Results; infobox template and page layout presented on content area

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Bunai Di
If there are any issues with the templates or suggestions please post in this topic.

If you are seeing a red banner, please hard refresh the page you're on so every clears out. I forgot to set up a JS page for a MediaWiki.

Is there a way to disable to the box thing from appearing at the top of the page? I just find it to be annoying.

Unless I find a code, No.

However, I can move it lower or I may be able to hid it below an expand button.

eta: I added the collapse code, so it is off to the right side on Monobook.

It would be nice if you could somehow make it take up less space. I already have all the templates I need saved on various notepad files so it's just in the way for me.

Not sure what you mean, it is already as small as possible and it only takes up one line of text.


I use Oasis, and it cuts of quite a bit of space (especially when you have such a small computer screen like me >_>)


I thought you were talking about Monobook. Or the sidebox in Oasis.

I'll try to find something to work with.

eta: I got it to go up about a line. Still working on it though.

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