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History of the VOCALOIDs 2017

I'm going to spotlight VOCALOID fan 'Addicted to Heroines' (User: Sir Vancelot. Who has created videos about the characters featured for VOCALOID, various synths, and derivatives. It is basically like a condense version of what we have on the wiki.

Leave him some feedback if you can. And if you have seen any similar content then feel free to post a link here or just create a new topic to bring focus to specific person.

I ask that you DO NOT QUOTE the first posting; doing so will mark you for spamming

History of the VOCALOIDs

History of VOCALOIDs 2016

Videos 2016 Playlist [4]
  • V00HD: Introduction to The History HD
  • V01HD: LEON and LOLA - The History of the Vocaloids HD

Updated April 2017

  • V02HD: MIRIAM - The History of the Vocaloids HD
  • V03HD: MEIKO and KAITO



Main article: User:Bunai82/History of the VOCALOIDs/Misc
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sorry for promoting a video

Please try this Vocaloid challenge. its the "Can you guess the vocaloid's voice?" thanks.


@Annon 49: That has nothing to do with this.
This thread is strictly for History of the VOCALOIDs related content/ discussion.

Your post would be more appropriate on the What's on your mind today? thread.

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