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Song title
"θ : Theta"
Uploaded November 10, 2012, with 1,000+ views
Phryxia (music, lyrics)
Qinya (illust)
YouTube Broadcast

Background Edit

"θ : Theta" is an original SeeU song. Phryxia dedicated this song to kz livetune following its publication.

Lyrics Edit

Korean (한국어 가사) Romaja (로마자) Official English (공식 영어 역)
느껴봐 너를 감싼 안개를 neukkyeobwa neoreul gamssan angaereul Feel the air surrounding you around
알 듯 모르게 물든 al deut moreuge muldeun Dyed like whether you know or not

내딛는 첫걸음은 미래와의 만남 naedidneun cheotgeoreumeun miraewa-ui mannam First step is the meeting between present and future

나란히 너를 따라 날아보면 naranhi neoreul ttara narabomyeon Gliding beside of you

나는 어느새 물고기 되어서 naneun eoneusae mulgogi doeeoseo I will be a fish

너는 저기로 나랑 헤어지지 neoneun jeogiro narang heeojiji and I'm say good by to you

같은 장소 다른 질서 gateun jangso dareun jilseo Same place and different order

직교하는 두 물결의 흐름을 바꿔가요 jikgyohaneun du mulgyeorui heureumeul bakkweogayo Changing two orthogonal flow of wave

느껴봐 너를 감싼 안개를 neukkyeobwa neoreul gamssan angaereul Feel the air surrounding you around
알 듯 모르게 물든 빛깔에 입을 맞추며 al deut moreuge muldeun bichkkare ibeul matchumyeo Kiss to the dyed color whethere you know or not
꿈 속 그네에 흔들거리면 kkum sok geunee heundeulgeorimyeon As I'm on a swing
저기 손 흔드는 너 jeogi son heundeuneun neo I can see you waving hands
다시 손 잡고 날아올라 dasi son japgo naraulla Connect again and fly away

익숙한 풍경, 어디선가 본 거리 iksokhan punggyeong, eodisenga bon geori Familiar scenery, place that I've seen

누군가를 닮은 아이가 nugungareul dalmeun aiga Cuz she looks so lonely

한없이 외로워보여서 내민 haneopsi wiroweoboyeoseo naemin I gave her my hand

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