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Image of "∀ᴉsɐʇuɐℲ ǝslɐℲ"
Song title
  • "ɐᴉsɐʇuɐℲ ǝslɐℲ"
Uploaded August 7, 2015, with 120+ YouTube views
  • baggagelizard


"∀ᴉsɐʇuɐℲ_ǝslɐℲ" is an original OLIVER song. A being (OLIVER) that is neither existent nor non-existant, proclaiming that it is the False Fantasia. The False Fantasia apparently being some form of sentient, immortal creature.


I am melting away
But I was never there
I am walking away
But I wanted to be there

I am running away
For the end won’t come for me
I am crying the way
For what you told me doesn’t stay

I am now seeing myself
I see my exit behind
I have seen myself
I am the False Fantasia

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