Ano ko ga boku wo kowagarimasen
Song title
Romaji: Ano Ko ga Boku wo Kowagarimasen
English: That Girl Isn't Scared of Me
Uploaded October 24, 2011, with 21,000+ (NND) / 8,000+ (YT) views
Hatsune Miku Append
Utata-P (music)
Moca (lyrics)
kokuto_yu-ki (illust)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast (official)


Note: This song is known as "That Girl Doesn't Scare Me" in the Western fandom, but "That Girl Isn't Scared of Me" is more suitable. This tradition comes from Berrysub's mistranslated title.

On a happy Halloween Day. Dead murderers roam around houses and search for fellow incarnated killers in order to come to life again.
A murderer gets trapped into this gloomy loop of killing and being killed.

So don't think about killing a person you good boys and girls☆
— Author's comment

A Halloween song by Utata-P.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
隠れたり、浮かんだり、あの子だけ平気なの。 kakuretari, ukandari, ano ko dake heiki na no
叫んだり、怒ったり、あの子だけ陽気なの。 sakendari, okottari, ano ko dake youki na no
背後から忍び寄る、あの子だけ気がつくの。 haigo kara shinobi yoru, ano ko dake ki ga tsuku no
怖い顔、高い声、あの子だけ笑顔なの。 kowai kao, takai koe, ano ko dake egao na no

何でなの?怖くない?ボクにだけ平気なの? nande na no? kowaku nai? boku ni dake heiki na no?
聞こえるの?話せるの?ボクにだけ笑顔なの? kikoeru no? hanaseru no? boku ni dake egao na no?
知ってるの?オトモダチ?キミはダレ?ボクはダレ? shitteru no? otomodachi? kimi wa dare? boku wa dare?
ああそうか、忘れてた。 なぜボクを殺したの? aa sou ka, wasurereteta. naze boku o koroshita no?

何でなの?何でなの?何でなの?何でなの! nande na no? nande na no? nande na no? nande na no!

生きたいの?ズルイよね、キミだけが平気なの。 ikitai no? zurui yo ne, kimi dake ga heiki na no
あきらめて?ダメだよね、キミだけが笑顔なの。 akiramete? dame da yo ne? kimi dake ga egao na no
さようなら、こんにちは。キミだけを連れてくよ。 sayounara, konnichiwa. kimi dake o tsure teku yo
ああそうか、忘れてた、これでボク、生き返る。 aa sou ka, wasureteta, kore de boku, ikikaeru


GUMI's Cover
Featuring GUMI
Author(s) Kazumi-P (cover, mix), Utata-P (VSQ) BerrySubs (subs)
Category VOCALOID cover
miki's Cover
Featuring SF-A2 miki
Author(s) Paraparapa (cover), gjyyngii Mikiiiiiiiii~ (VSQx)
Category VOCALOID cover
Chino Okashi's Cover
Featuring Chino Okashi
Author(s) mw
Category UTAU cover

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