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Image of "あんず (Anzu)"
Song title
  • "あんず"
  • Romaji: Anzu
  • English: Apricots
Uploaded September 20, 2016, with 10,000+ SoundCloud views
  • memu


"Anzu" is an original Japanese song by memu featuring the Macne Nana Plus package. It is the first demo released to promote Nana and Petit's Japanese VOCALOID4 voicebanks.


Note: The written lyrics were not provided by the author. We transcribed the Japanese and romaji lyrics from the song. The kanji words seen here may change in the future.

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
きゅるるきゅるるきゅるるいやいや kyururu kyururu kyururu iya iya
きゅららぱやぱや kyurara payapaya

どこを歩いても doko o aruite mo
何を見ていても nani o mite ite mo
どんな事より考える donna koto yori kangaeru
大好きなあんず daisuki na anzu

もしもあの子の今 moshimo anoko no ima
僕の事を今 boku no koto o ima
考えてたらいいのにな kandaete tara iinoni na

あんずあんずあんず色も anzu anzu anzu iro mo
君のほっぺにキスしたい kimi no hoppe ni kisu shitai
もっとこっち向いてよ motto kocchi muite yo
君と歩きたいから kimi to arukitai kara

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