Image of "おかあさん (Okaasan)"
Song title
  • "おかあさん"
  • Romaji: Okaasan
  • Official English: Mother
Uploaded January 29, 2008, with 180,000+ Niconico views and 7,500+ piapro views


No, my mother cannot twist her neck around.
— Author's comment

In the song, a girl says that her mother is coming and at the end of the song, she says that she "already got her". The true meaning of the song is unknown due to its vagueness.

-rebirth- however has a backwards hidden message, where it revealed that the song itself is suposed to be the girl's memory of when she died.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Machigerita-P (music, lyrics), Ebitenco (illust)
Category Remake
dadamore's Fanmade MMD PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) dadamore
Category MMD PV, Fanmade PV


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
くる くる くる まわる くびが kuru kuru kuru mawaru kubi ga
ぎし ぎし ぎし おとを たてて gishi gishi gishi oto o tatete
おかあさんがいる くびだけまわるの okaasan ga iru kubi dake mawaru no
おかあさんをみる わたしのくびがあ okaasan o miru watashi no kubigaa

おかあさん okaasan

おかあさんがいる くびだけまわるの okaasan ga iru kubi dake mawaru no
おかあさんがいる くびだけまわるの okaasan ga iru kubi dake mawaru no
おかあさんがくる はやくにげないと okaasan ga kuru hayaku nigenai to
おかあさんがくる もうおいつかれた okaasan ga kuru mou oitsukareta

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