Donguri korokoro
Song title
Romaji: Donguri Korokoro
English: Rolling Acorn
Uploaded February 25, 2014, with 6,000+ (NND) views
anon & kanon
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast (reprint)

Background Edit

"Donguri Korokoro" is a Japanese cover song featuring anon and kanon. It is the third demo created to promote the VOCALOID3 voicebank's release. It is a popular Japanese children's song, and was published in a multi-demonstration video alongside かたつむり (Katatsumuri) and 浜辺の歌 (Hamabe no Uta).

Lyrics Edit

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
どんぐりころころどんぶりこ donguri korokoro donburi ko
おいけにはまってさあたいへん oike ni hamatte saa taihen
どじょうがでてきてこんにちは dojou ga detekite kon'nichiwa
ぼっちゃんいっしょに bocchan issho ni
あそびましょう asobimashou

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