Image of "またたき (Matataki)"
Song title
  • "またたき"
  • Romaji: Matataki
  • English: Blink
Uploaded August 17, 2014 (album)


This takes place sometime after Riliane became a nun and planted Michaela's remains in Held's forest. While caring for the tree sapling, Rin thinks about how much things will have changed once Michaela becomes a full grown tree, if her sins while have been forgiven and if the world will be a better place. While She'll be long gone when the tree has grown big, it'll be in the blink of an eye form Michaela's point of view.

It was released on Akuno-P's The Muzzle of Nemesis album.

Main articles: Story of Evil and The Evillious Chronicles


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
この苗木が根付いた時 kono naegi ga nedzuita toki
私は今より大人でしょう watashi wa ima yori otona deshou

大きく高く伸びた時 ookiku takaku nobita toki
私は生きてるでしょうか watashi wa ikiteru deshou ka

生きてるでしょうか ikiteiru deshou ka

たくさんの葉をつけた時 takusan no ha wo tsuketa toki
世界は今より変わってるでしょう sekai wa ima yori kawatteru deshou

立派な大樹になった時 rippa na taiju ni natta toki
罪は許されるでしょうか tsumi wa yurusareru deshou ka

許されるでしょうか yurusareru deshou ka

千年の時間さえも sennen no jikan sae mo
あなたには瞬きでしょう anata ni wa matataki deshou

きっときっと kitto kitto

願わくばこの樹の元 negawakuba kono ki no moto
永遠の平和を towa no heiwa o

永遠の平和を towa no heiwa o

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