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Song title
  • "みくみくにしてあげる♪【してやんよ】"
  • Romaji: Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪ (Shite Yan yo)
  • English: I'll Make you Miku Miku-ed♪
  • Official English: I'll Miku-Miku You♪ (For Reals)
Uploaded September 20, 2007, with 13,156,000+ Niconico views
  • ika (music, lyrics, video)
  • KEI (illustration)


This song describes Miku introducing herself to the world. It is a denpa song, and thus the title Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru (I'll make you Miku-Miku-ed) carries no specific meaning in Japanese. Thus, what the title actually means is a subject of disagreement among fans. However, the term was derived from ぼこぼこにしてあげる (boko boko ni shite ageru), which means I'll beat you up. One of the prevailing interpretations among the Japanese fandom is I'll make you obsessed with Miku, conveying the idea that Miku strikes fans' hearts with her voice. Similar expressions are みくみくにされる (Miku Miku ni sareru) (I'm Miku-Miku-ed), フルみっくにされる (furu Mikku ni sareru) (I'm Miku-Miku-ed to the full extent) and so on). It is commonly said to newcomers in the VOCALOID fandom as a welcome, or to make them a VOCALOID fan by replacing Miku with another VOCALOID name, implying that they will turn you into an overall VOCALOID fan.

The song was recorded as the first Vocaloid song to reach 1,000,000+ views on Nico Nico. The song also topped the first Weekly Vocaloid Ranking on Nico Nico. It was one of three early Miku songs to establish Miku's character as it is known today, along with kz's "Packaged" and "Koisuru VOC@LOID". As of 2018, "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru" is officially the most viewed Miku song (original upload) on Nico Nico, with over 13 million views. The next most popular original Vocaloid upload is Kurousa's Senbonzakura, with 12 million views.


This song is featured on the albums DJ Lily Presents SUPER VOCALOID, Hatsune Miku 1st Song Album, The VOCALOID, VOCALOID BEST from ニコニコ動画(あお), VOCALOID2 MAXI Single Vol. 1 ~みっくみくCDにしてやんよ~ , Hatsune Miku 5th Anniversary Best ~impacts~, Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA-f Complete Collection, and VOCA NICO☆PARTY. Covers and arrangements have been featured on additional albums.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) ika
Category Succeeding version
2012 Version
Featuring Hatsune Miku Append
Author(s) ika, MOSAIC.TUNE
Category Succeeding Version
Dance Cover - 2012 Version
Featuring Hatsune Miku Append
Author(s) yumiko
Category Dance cover


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
科学の限界を超えて kagaku no genkai o koete
私は来たんだよ watashi wa kitan da yo
ネギはついてないけど negi wa tsuitenai kedo
出来れば欲しいな dekireba hoshii na

あのね、早く ano ne, hayaku
パソコンに入れてよ pasokon ni irete yo
どうしたの? doushita no?
パッケージずっと見つめてる pakkeeji zutto mitsumeteru

君のこと kimi no koto

みくみくにしてあげる♪ Miku Miku ni shite ageru♪
歌はまだね、頑張るから uta wa mada ne, ganbaru kara
みくみくにしてあげる♪ Miku Miku ni shite ageru♪
だからちょっと覚悟をしててよね dakara chotto kakugo o shitete yo ne

「してあげる から」 "shite ageru kara"

みくみくにしてやんよ♪ Miku Miku ni shite yan yo♪
最後までね、頑張るから saigo made ne, ganbaru kara
みくみくにしてやんよ♪ Miku Miku ni shite yan yo♪
だからちょっと油断をしてあげて dakara chotto yudan o shite agete

みくみくにしてあげる♪ Miku Miku ni shite ageru♪
世界中の誰、誰より sekai juu no dare, dare yori
みくみくにしてあげる♪ Miku Miku ni shite ageru♪
だからもっとわたしに歌わせてね dakara motto watashi ni utawasete ne

Written by an unknown artist, this version of the lyrics was used in the English version of Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd.

I've come here
From beyond the bounds of science
I didn't come with a leek
But I wouldn't mind having one

Um, I wonder if you could
Hurry up and install me on your PC
Is something wrong?
You've been staring at the package forever

I'm gonna

Miku-Miku you
And push myself to sing better
I'm gonna Miku-Miku you
So you'd better get ready

I'm gonna

I'll Miku-Miku you, for reals
I'll do my best to the very end
I'll Miku-Miku you, for reals
So why don't you relax a little

I'm gonna Miku-Miku you
I'll make you more Miku-Miku
Than anyone else in the world♪
So please, give me more to sing


Motion Capture by Yui Ogura
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Yui Ogura
Category Dance cover

Long Version
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Ag+/KoshouP
Category Arrangement
Anime-style Band Arrangement
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Suzori-P (arrange)
Category Arrangement
Anime-style Band Arrangement PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) OchanomaGuitar (video)
Category Fanmade PV
90's Version
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Peperon-P (arrange), NEGI (illust)
Category Arrangement

Fanmade 3D PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Chop
Category Fanmade 3D PV
OchanomaGuitar's PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) OchanomaGuitar
Category Fanmade PV

Romaji/English Bucchigiri ni Shite Ageru♪
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Author(s) Bucchigiri-P
Category Spin-off
Romaji/English Bokko Boko ni Sareteru yo
Featuring Yowane Haku
Author(s) Yowane-P
Category Spin-off
Romaji/English Sachi Sachi Ni Shite Ageru♪
Featuring Sachiko Kobayashi
Author(s) Sachiko Kobayashi (lyrics), DNA (movie)
Category Spin-off

Other media appearancesEdit


This song was featured in the following concerts.

Animelo Summer Live 2009Edit

Animelo is an Anime-Central concert where songs from various anime are performed in a concert-like fashion. It was here that Miku appeared as a surprise in 2009. Not only Miku came, but Rin and Len's voice provider, Asami Shimoda, sang Kokoro as a teaser for introducing Miku, who sang "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪". The song Black★Rock Shooter followed Miku's appearance, along with its anime's trailer.

Anime Festival AsiaEdit

Miku gave her first overseas performance on November 21, 2009 at AFA in Singapore, and "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru♪", Koisuru VOC@LOID, and (The) World is Mine were featured.


Piano sheet music appeared in the Piano Solo Yasashiku Hikeru collection. This song has also appeared as sheet music in the Vocaloid Best Selection series.


Featured in the game(s)...
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- 2nd YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Arcade YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- Dreamy Theater 2nd
Miku Flick/02 (DLC) YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f (AR only) YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd YouTube

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