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Song title
  • "エデン"
  • English: Eden
Uploaded May 01, 2011, with 423,000+ Niconico views and 141,800+ YouTube views


The song contains themes of life and rebirth. The biblical Garden of Eden, from which the song borrows many concepts, is seen as a form of the afterlife in Abrahamic mythologies. Similarly, Arcadia, a term derived from the Greek province of the same name, is an ideal vision of a peaceful utopia in harmony with nature.

It was featured in the compilation album ELECTLOID feat.初音ミク.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
失われた翼 uhinawareta tsubasa

未知なるImitation michi naru Imitation
仮想郷の果て築いた kasoukyou no hate kizuita
命の:Pandora inochi no : Pandora
輪廻Simulation rinne Simulation
Paranoiaの空舞い散る Paranoia no sora mai chiru
旋律神話の崩壊 senritsu shinwa no houkai

耳を 塞いだ mimi o fusaida
内なる 脈動 michinaru myakudou
感覚 打ち消し kankaku uchikeshi
尊く 儚く 響いた tooku hakanaku hibiita
アナタへ ワタシへ anata e watashi e
産声 花束 ubugoe hanataba
哀しみ 喜び kanashimi yorokobi
永遠と 別れ eien to wakare
有限の 時を yuugen no toki o
終わる 世界を owaru sekai o
全てを 抱きしめ subete o dakishime
歩み出す ayumi dasu
時空 ノ 狭間で jikuu no hazama de
私ハ 今 歌う watashi wa ima utau

Adios Eden

降り立つ oritatsu
Adios Eden
別れを告げた wakare o tsugeta
Adios Eden
貴方へ告げた anata e tsugeta



KAITO's cover
Featuring KAITO V3 Soft
Author(s) LauraMegurine
Category VOCALOID cover, MMD PV
Featuring Sekka Yufu
Author(s) Ichizo
Category UTAU cover, Remix

 !ku+'s cover
Featuring !ku+
Author(s) Yさん (mix)
Category Human cover

Masataka-P's PV
Featuring Hatsune Miku Append Dark
Author(s) Masataka-P
Category 3D PV
Attack on MMD: Levi
Featuring 清水達哉@日オム
Author(s) SutsunagaoP (movie)
yurie (motion)
Category MMD PV

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