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Image of "クロノ・ストーリー (Chrono Story)"
Song title
  • "クロノ・ストーリー"
  • English: Chrono Story
  • Official English: Clockwork lullaby 5
Uploaded December 22, 2010 (PV)
May 8, 2011 (YT) and May 9, 2011 (NND), with 340,000+ Niconico views and 380,000+ YouTube views
  • Akuno-P (music, lyrics)
  • daishi (mastering)
  • Rgveta (illustrations, video)


I have unlimited time anyway
— Author's comment

The song follow Hänsel and Gretel, right after they've killed their mother. They take her original sin and rip it into seven pieces, Lust, Gluttony, Pride, Sloth, Envy, Greed and Wrath, and send them out into the world in the hopes that they'll be cleansed. Held, the tree god, witnessed this and asks Elluka Clockworker to collect them, who agrees because she doesn't have anything better to do with her newly gained immortality since she's lost everything she held dear anyways.

Elluka wander across the countries until she reaches Asmodean and stumbles across the Venomania residence where the sin of lust is committed. The Original Sin Story has ended, the Chrono Story has begun.

This song was first released on Evils Kingdom. It was also featured in Judgment of Evil ~A court of greed~ before receiving its PV. It was later included in EVILS COURT and Original Sin Story -Complete Edition-.

This song has entered Hall of Fame

Main articles: Original Sin Story, Clockwork Lullaby, and The Evillious Chronicles

Succeeding versionsEdit

OSSCE version
Featuring Kagamine Rin/Len, Megurine Luka
Author(s) Akuno-P
Category Succeeding version


Singer Color
Rin Orange
Len Gold
Rin+Len Coral
Luka Violet

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
聞こえてくるのは鳥の歌? kikoete kuru no wa tori no uta?
いいえそれは森の鳴き声 iie sore wa mori no nakigoe
輝いているのは月の光? kagayaiteiru no wa tsuki no hikari?
いいえそれは燃える炎よ iie sore wa moeru honoo yo

かつて「母さん」と呼んだ人 katsute "kaasan" to yonda hito
暖炉の中で灰へと変わり danro no naka de hai e to kawari
後に残った「始まりの罪」 ato ni nokotta "hajimari no tsumi"
僕らの手で七つに分けた bokura no te de nanatsu ni waketa

「色欲」は花 "shikiyoku" wa hana
「悪食」は種 "akujiki" wa tane
「傲慢」は石 "gouman" wa ishi
「嫉妬」は泉 "shitto" wa izumi
「怠惰」は風 "taida" wa kaze
「強欲」は土 "gouyoku" wa tsuchi
そして soshite
「憤怒」は "funnu" wa mori

舞い上がれ七つの罪 maiagare nanatsu no tsumi
偽りの母から生まれた穢れ itsuwari no haha kara umareta kegare
回れ廻れ世界よ maware maware sekai yo
この悪しき大罪 kono ashiki taizai
清めてよ kiyomete yo

禁断の果実の手で kindan no kajitsu no te de
世界に放たれた七つの罪 sekai ni hanatareta nanatsu no tsumi
森を守るエルドの樹は mori o mamoru erudo no ki wa
すべての回収を友に頼む subete no kaishuu o tomo ni tanomu

「退屈しのぎになるならそれも構わない」 "taikutsu shinogi ni naru nara sore mo kamawanai"
「どうせ時間は無限にあるし」 "douse jikan wa mugen ni aru shi"
嗤う魔道師 warau madoushi

愛する人を失い ai suru hito o ushinai
大事なものを壊したその果てに daiji na mono o kowashita sono hate ni
与えられた悠久は ataerareta yuukyuu wa
彼女にとって空虚でしかない kanojo ni totte kuukyo de shika nai

全てを手に入れ subete o te ni ire
そして失った魔道師は soshite ushinatta madoushi wa
何を望む? nani o nozomu?
何を求める? nani o motomeru?
時の果てに・・・ toki no hate ni...

一人の女から生まれて育まれ hitori no onna kara umarete hagukumare
七つに裂かれた罪のストーリー nanatsu ni sakareta tsumi no sutoorii
時を越える魔女の酔狂な気まぐれ toki o koeru majo no suikyou na kimagure
森から始まる 時の物語 mori kara hajimaru kurono sutoorii

Written by Rgveta, the PV's illustrator. There are some mistranslations with names.

Do I hear the birds singing?
No, it's the cry of the forest
Do I see the moon shining?
No, it's just the flames burning

The person woman we once called out “mother”
Burned to ashes inside the fireplace
She left behind the "original sin"
Which we split into seven pieces

“Lust”, the flower
“Gluttony”, the seed
“Vanity”, the stone
“Envy”, the spring
“Sloth”, the wind
“Greed”, the soil
"“Wrath”, the forest

Rise, seven sins
The filth created by the pretentious mother
Keep turning, world
Please clense
The deadly sins

The hands of the forbidden fruit
Unleashed the seven sins to the world
Tree of Eldoh, the guardian of the forest
Requested an old friend to collect them

“I don't mind as long as it keeps me entertained”
“I have unlimited time anyway”
Sneered the sorceress

After loosing her loved one
And destroying what was precious
Eternity given to her
Only brought feeling of emptyness

The sorceress who once obtained everything
And lost it all
What does she hope for?
What does she desire?
At the end of time…

The story of the sin, born and raised by a woman
The torn into seven pieces
Whim of the witch who transcends time
Beginning from the forst, this is the Chrono Story

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