Image of "ツギハギ惨毒 (Tsugihagi Sandoku)"
Song title
  • "ツギハギ惨毒"
  • Romaji: Tsugihagi Sandoku
  • English: Patchwork Toxin
Uploaded February 21, 2010, with 370,000+ Niconico views


It's your fault
— Author's comment

A child was abused by her mother and began to hallucinate and believe that her doll was a living being, eventually her sanity began slipping little by little and she ended up cooking and eating her mother on the doll's command.

This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Danchou's cover
Featuring Danchou
Author(s) Machigerita
Category Human cover
Machigerita's self-cover
Featuring Machigerita
Author(s) Machigerita
Category Self-cover; human cover; arrangement


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