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Song title
  • "ナイチンゲールノウタ"
  • Romaji: Naichingerru no Uta
  • English: Song of the Nightingale
Uploaded January 7, 2012, with 530+ Niconico views and 3,800+ YouTube views
  • EmpathP (Music, Lyrics)
  • nuetrino (Mastering)
    Mx (Illustration)


Okay, so, this is my new original song featuring V3 vocaloid MEW.....however there's a long story about this song. Allow me to explain...

As I was working on this, there was a saving error as I was deleting one of the spare instruments...and as a result I lost ALL the instruments I had built. EVERYTHING I had made was gone. However, I had enough renders of WIPs that I was able to piece this finished version together. It's not perfect, but I'm still hella proud of it.

Unfortunately, all the post-finishing composing processes were not able to be completed. So, I wasn't able to finish fine-tuning MEW's voice, I wasn't able to get the lyrics double checked, and I wasn't able to edit the volumes.....

So, while it is far from perfect, I still did my best and I'm proud of it, and that's all that matters in the end. I hope you all like this time I won't delete all my instruments XD LAWL

To explain the song a bit, my dear Myst and I are planning a special project for July, and this is practice/will be part of it. I tried to imitate the singing patterns of a Japanese Folk Singer for Mew's Vocals. so yes, she goes off pitch at parts, but she's kinda SUPPOSED to...ya know? Listen to a Japanese folksinger and you'll know what I'm talking about X3.

"Song of the Nightgale" is an original song by EmpathP featuring Mew.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
黒い森の中で kuroi mori no naka de Inside the black forest
君は静かに眠っていた kimi wa shizuka ni nemutte ita You slept peacefully
窓の向こうで 私は mado no mukou de watashi wa And from beyond the window
子守唄を唄っていた komori uta o utatte ita I sang a lullaby

Lalai di laidi ee o
Ladaidi dai di ee

雲の上を飛んでいる kumonoue o tonde iru Flying above the clouds
寂しい鳥に呼んでいる sabishii tori ni yonde iru The lonely bird calls out
「僕の家はどこに?この世界はうんざりだ。」 "boku no ie wa doko ni? Kono sekai wa unzarida" "Where is my home? This world is sick."
Lalai di laidi ee o
Ladaidi dai di ee
Lalai di laidi ee o
Ladaidi dai di ee
Lalai di laidi ee o
Lalai di laidi ee o

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