Hello Again Mayuko
Song title
English: Hello Again
Uploaded June 9, 2010, with 59,000+ views
Kagamine Len, Kagamine Rin
Mayuko (music, lyrics, illust)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast


The song was first uploaded on June 9, 2010, it currently has half a hundred thousand views to date. One of the unique things in the song, in several parts Rin can be heard singing from the right (using earphones) and Len on the (left); a reference to their names.

Like many other Mayuko's works, it's stories has no fixed meaning whatsoever. Rin kept singing words Len couldn't understand after "waking up"; hoping Len would understand, whilst Len hopes one day he would understand those words. In Mayuko's mylist, her comment on the song was "words of love", and in her video description in Nico Nico Douga, her comment was "believe" (no subject).

The gibberish in the song has no meaning.


Note: Rin and Len are singing more or less different lyrics at the same time here. Just because one of their lines are before the other doesn't mean that they sing first or last.

Singer + Color

WeRRa Svey Jhno Jhno
WeRRa Svey Jhno Mrrau

WeRRa Svey Jhno Jhno

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
君の言葉 届いてるよ kimi no kotoba todoi teru yo
意味はまだ わからないけど imi wa mada wakara nai kedo
君の言葉 なぞってくよ kimi no kotoba nazotteku yo
愛の言葉だと願って ai no kotoba dato negatte

目覚めはそう突然暗くて怖いよ mezame wa sō totsuzen kuraku te kowai yo
目覚めを待ち続けるほらもう大丈夫 mezame o machi tsuzukeru hora mō daijōbu
何度も繰り返すよShwnyTtRRew nando mo kuri kaeru yo ShwnyTtRRew
何度もまた聞こえるこの声 nando mo mata kiko eru kono koe

異国のこの言葉はあなたに届くの? ikoku no kono kotoba wa anata ni todoku no?
ああでも 君の声は優しい ah demo kimi no koe wa yasashī
願うよ 君の声を聞かせて negau yo kimi no koe o kikase te

目を開く me o hiraku
目を開けた me o aketa
君が嬉しそうに笑った kimi ga ureshi sōni waratta
僕の目を見つめて boku no me o mitsume te
君の目を見つめて kimi no me o mitsume te
たどたどしく言った tado tado shiku itta

WeRRa Svey SwWeiR ShwnyTtRRew
WeRRa Svey Jhno

いつかは君の囁く言葉がわかるかな itsuka wa kimi no sasayaku kotoba ga wakaru kana
いつかは私の声に応えてくれるかな itsuka wa watashi no koe ni kotae te kureru kana
いつかは僕の言葉が君に伝わるかな itsuka wa boku no kotoba ga kimi ni tsutawaru kana
いつかは君の言葉を聞かせてくれるかな itsuka wa kimi no kotoba o kika sete kureru kana

WeRRa Svey Jhno Jhno
WeRRa Svey Jhno Mrrau

WeRRa Svey Jhno Jhno


Rin and Len Append's Cover
Featuring Kagamine Len (Append serious), Kagamine Rin (Append warm)
Author(s) SaiTonaraine
Category VOCALOID cover

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