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ミスルトウ~転生の宿り木~ (Mistletoe ~Tensei no Yadorigi~)

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Image of "ミスルトウ~転生の宿り木~ (Mistletoe ~Tensei no Yadorigi~)"
Song title
  • "ミスルトウ~転生の宿り木~"
  • Romaji: Mistletoe~Tensei no Yadorigi~
  • English: Mistletoe~The Tree of Reincarnation~
Uploaded October 29, 2015 (PV), with 102,500+ Niconico views and 891,900+ YouTube views

Background Edit

The story is about two countries at war, the Kingdom of the Blue Oak and the Kingdom of GuiVermillon. To end the dispute that has been going on for years, the rulers of both countries decide to make peace by a marriage of their rulers.

While the Queen of the Bluebird, from the Blue Oak Kingdom (Miku) seemed nervous and unsure, the King of the Phoenix Order, from the Guivermillion Kingdom (Kaito) couldn't be happier, for he had loved Miku for a long time. When both set off to meet at the tree with the priest that was to join them, Rin and Len accompanied them.

Rin and Len were trainees under the rulers of each kingdom. Len, who was also Kaito's brother was supposed to attend the "wedding", but instead ran into Rin and was captivated with her. He tries to impress the girl, but fails, followed by Rin attempting to impress him but failing as well. They bond over their goofy interactions and fall in love. However, due to being so interested in each other, they forget about the wedding and pass some time together.

Meanwhile, everything was going well during Kaito and Miku's "wedding", they were happy since they were finally going to end with the war. However, a third party is in the shadows, preparing to attack. Miku sees it, and starts to pull away, too fearful to take thoughtful action. Kaito tries to run after Miku, but the third party behind shoots him in the back and kills him.

Later, Len returns to his castle, where he learns of Kaito's death. Blaming himself and thinking it was all a set-up by the Blue Oak Kingdom, he finally is able to unleash the full power he had within himself and control it. In his misguided rage, he attacks the Blue Oak castle and lays waste to everything. Inside, Miku proclaims Rin as the new Queen, and makes sure she then gets out safely.

In the end, Len brings the castle to ruin and kills Miku. Rin, who is watching this from afar, becomes just as broken and misguided as Len. It leads to her power awakening at last, and the third party who started this all over again watches from afar as the two countries with two new rulers return to war.

The second song of the Mistletoe Series. It was featured in the album Mistletoe ~Kamigami no Yadorigi~, and reached the Hall of Fame.

Main article: Mistletoe Series

Preceding versionsEdit

Trailer ver.
Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Author(s) Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△ (music, lyrics), Suzunosuke (illust), TSO & VAVA (video)
Category Preceding version


Singer + Color

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
繋いだ心が 惹かれ合うほど tsunaida kokoro ga hikareau hodo
癒えぬ傷跡が 魂を震わせて ienu kizuato ga tamashii wo furuwasete
ともに羽ばたく空を tomoni habataku sora wo
壊した kowashita

紅い夕日が沈んでいく akai yuuhi ga shizunde iku
空の境を越えて sora no sakai wo koete
青い羽を広げ aoi hane wo hiroge
心のままに 遠く、飛んでいけたら…… kokoro no mamani touku, tonde iketara......

宿り木の楽園は 陰と陽の世界 yadorigi no rakuen wa in to you no sekai
枝の下 木漏れ日の影には、暗い闇 eda no shita komorebi no kage ni wa, kurai yami
定められし邂逅は 奪い合う宿命を背負い sadame rareshi kaigou wa ubaiau shukumei wo seoi
空を焼いて 大地を屠り sora wo yaite daichi wo hofuri
【不吉】を呼び覚ます 【fukitsu】 wo yobisamasu

繋いだ心が 惹かれ合うほど tsunaida kokoro ga hikareau hodo
癒えぬ傷跡が 魂を震わせて ienu kizuato ga tamashii wo furuwasete
絡まる指を解いた karamaru yubi wo hodoita
運命の楔が打ち込まれても dadame no kusabi ga uchikoma rete mo
いつか暁の空の果てに itsuka akatsuki no sora no hate ni
ともに羽ばたく明日を信じて…… tomoni habataku asuwa wo shinjite......

長い遺恨の時を越えて nagai ikon no toki wo koete
憎み合った鳥は 羽を寄せ合い nikumi atta tori wa hane wo yose ai
さえずりに 切に願い込めて saezuri ni setsu ni negai komete
手を取り合えば te wo toriaeba
そっと宿り木を飛び立った sotto yadorigi wo tobitatta

永遠に争い続く系譜に 抗いて towa ni arasoi tsuzuku keifu ni aragaite
羽を寄せ許し合う 気高き朱と青 hane wo yose yurushi au kedakaki aka to ao
されど時の運命は 残酷な調べを好み saredo toki no sadame wa zankokuna shirabe wo konomi
【優しい嘘の咎】を背負う朱き羽を 堕とす 【yasashii uso no toga】 wo seou akaki hane wo ou to su

違えた心が 許し合うほど tagaeta kokoro ga yurushi au hodo
【見えぬ災い】が 絶望を呼び寄せて 【mienu wazawai】 ga zetsubou wo yobiyosete
触れた羽を 引き裂いた fureta hane wo hikisaita
哀しい運命は 覆らない? kanashii sadame wa kutsugaeranai?
朱き弔いの怒れる火が akaki tomurai no ikareru hi ga
ともに羽ばたく夢を燃やした…… tomoni habataku yume wo moyashita......

嘆いて 叫んで さえずりは枯れて nageite sakende saezuri wa karete
熱き滴りが 止めどなく流れても atsuki shitatari ga tomedo naku nagarete mo
冷たい頬は溶かせない tsumetai hoho wa tokasenai
消された炎は もう戻らない kesareta honou wa mou modoranai
癒えぬ贖罪を胸に抱いて ienu shokuzai wo mune ni daite
深い真実の闇へ 堕ちていく fukai shinjitsu no yami e ochite iku

嘆きの炎が 心を焼いて nageki no honou ga kokoro wo yaite
揺れる魂が 眠りから目を覚まし yureru tamashii ga nemuri kara me o samashi
絶望にもがき泣いても zetsubou ni mogaki naitemo
哀しい運命は 覆らない kanashii sadame wa kutsugaeranai
青き弔いのを夜明けを背に aoki tomurai no wo yoake wo se ni
君と戦う空へ 飛び立つ…… kimi to tatakau sora e tobitatsu......

Two hearts as one
We were attracted to each other
The closer we get, the more we shiver
Unhealed wounds shiver our souls
We were meant to fly together in the sky
But we ruined our sky

The red sunset going down
Crossing the border of the sky
Spreading my blue wings
Following my Heart
I wish I could fly farther......

The paradise of Mistletoe is the world of light and shadow
Underneath the tree
The darkness hides in the shadow
behind the light through the leaves
This encounter had been decided
It tells us that we are meant to fight over
Burning down the sky
Cracking the earth
And the evil wakes up

Two hearts as one
We were attracted to each other
The closer we get, the more we shiver
Unhealed wounds shiver our souls
We untied our fingers that we had held so tight
Even if the fate hits us
like driving a wedge into the tree
We believe in our future
We still believe that we can fly together in the sky
after the break of dawn......

After all these years of enmity
Two birds that had hated each other huddled together
They sang and desperately wished
They held their hands and flew off the Mistletoe quietly

History repeats itself
The fight is never over
But they resist getting involved
These dignified vermilion and blue
huddle together and forgive each other
But the God of fate prefers it to sound crueler
and vermilion wings that bore the blame for a good lie
is fallen

Two hearts that fell apart
As we forgive each other, invisible evil brings despair
And the wings that had been touched were torn off
Is there any way to change this tragic fate?
Angry flame of grieving vermilion reaper burnt down our dream
A dream that we could fly together......

I’ve lost my voice
No matter how much I cry
I can’t bring them back to life
The flame has died and I can’t get it back
Holding unhealed atonement for my sin
I fall into deep darkness of truth

The flame of grief burns my heart
A strayed soul awakes
No matter how much I despair and cry
There is no way to change this tragic fate
Lament that colored as blue at the break of dawn
I decide to fight against you
I fly away into the sky......

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