"ワン☆オケ!vol.01" (Wan☆Oke! vol.01) is Wonderful☆Opportunity's first only-karaoke album. It is an album consisting of 9 off vocal original Vocaloid works, with no vocals included. It consist some notable works including Minus-P's Virus Resistance Series, "Romance Touch", and "MIDI MASTER!!".

It's available for purchase in TAP shop. Unlike it's sequel, WanOke vol.01 isn't available for international shipping.

WANOKE vol 01
Released January 20th 2012
Producer Wonderful☆Opportunity
Price 500 yen
Illust. -
Track list
1. 【第一次】ウイルス抗戦_強襲編-off vocal-
- (Minus-P)
2. 【第一次】ウイルス抗戦_漂着編-off vocal-
- (Minus-P)
3. 【第一次】ウイルス抗戦_再起動編-off vocal-
- (Minus-P)
4. ナルシスティックユニゾン-off vocal-
- (Jesus-P)
5. 修羅ノ庭-off vocal-
- (Minus-P)
6. 狂騒ノ現-off vocal-
- (Minus-P)
- (Jesus-P)
8. ロマンスニフレ-off vocal-
- (Jesus-P)
9. Case:LEN_ウイルス強襲-off vocal-
- (Minus-P, Jesus-P)
WANOKE vol 02

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