Image of "七つの罪と罰 (Nanatsu no Tsumi to Batsu)"
Song title
  • "七つの罪と罰"
  • Romaji: Nanatsu no Tsumi to Batsu
  • Official Translation: Seven Crimes and Punishments
  • Official English: Clockwork Lullaby 7
Uploaded February 13, 2015, with 340,000+ Niconico views and 820,000+ YouTube views


"Nanatsu no Tsumi to Batsu" is an original song released by Akuno-P on February 13, 2015. It was included in an album of the same name. It is the eighth song in the Clockwork Lullaby Series, depicting the seven main characters from the Seven Deadly Sins Series. It was released to commemorate Akuno-P's seventh anniversary of his song career.

This song has entered the Hall of Fame. It has reached over 600,000 views on YouTube.

Now, let us begin

Allen Avadonia announces they shall now begin; Duke Sateriasis Venomania relates that the seven flowers have been released, him drowning in lust while concealing his ugly true face. Banica Conchita then relates that the seven seeds have descended and take root in the ground. Banica describes her plans to melt everything, even the world, in her stomach. Princess Riliane Lucifen d'Autriche regards that from the gems it was built upon, her "evil's kingdom" is now unstoppable. With the vessels of malice released by the cursed twins, the three proclaim that the story that will be drawn will be of seven crimes and punishments.

As the seven winds violate the world with poison, Margarita Blankenheim, the false sin and the main source of everything, laments that she isn't able to sleep today either. In the seven springs, Kayo Sudou sees the face of the man she loves, however other women get in they way and she wishes they didn't exist. In the court buried in the soil, Gallerian Marlon commands his farce called a trial to be begun. While the three claim everyone wishes for their utopia, they relate the outcome that will be met will be seven crimes and punishments.

Nemesis Sudou then asks if the song of the forest can be heard, but remarks it's only her gunshot of destruction before firing at the screen. After the seven again proclaim that the story drawn from the vessels the cursed twins released will be of seven crimes and punishments, they and Hänsel and Gretel sing the Clockwork Lullaby.

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Singer + Color

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
「さあ 始めよう」
"saa hajimeyou"

七つの花は舞い 罪は今放たれた nanatsu no hana wa mai tsumi wa ima hanatareta
醜い素顔 覆い隠したまま minikui sugao oui kakushita mama
溺れゆく情欲 obore yuku jouyoku

七つの種は降り 大地に根を張るだろう nanatsu no tane wa furi daichi ni ne o haru darou
全てを解かす 胃袋の強酸 subete o tokasu ibukuro no kyousan
そう 世界さえも sou sekai sae mo

石の上に築かれた ishi no ue ni kizukareta
「悪ノ王国」はもう止まらない "aku no oukoku" wa mou tomaranai

呪われた双子から norowareta futago kara
放たれた悪意の器 hanatareta akui no utsuwa
いかなる物語を描くのか ikanaru monogatari o egaku no ka

七つの罪と罰 nanatsu no tsumi to batsu

七つの風の中 毒に犯される世界 nanatsu no kaze no naka doku ni okasareru sekai
あらゆる元凶 今日も眠れないと arayuru genkyou kyou mo nemurenai to
嘆く偽りの罪 nageku itsuwari no tsumi

七つの泉には 愛する人の面影 nanatsu no izumi ni wa aisuru hito no omokage
だけど違う影が いつも写り込むの dakedo chigau kage ga itsumo utsurikomu no
お前達さえいなければ omaetachi sae inakereba

土に埋もれた法廷で tsuchi ni umoreta houtei de
さあ始めよう 裁判という名の茶番を saa hajimeyou saiban to iu na no chaban o

誰しもが求めてる dareshimo ga motometeru
それぞれの理想郷(ユートピア)を sorezore no yuutopia o
いかなる結末を迎えるのか ikanaru ketsumatsu o mukaeru no ka

七つの罪と罰 nanatsu no tsumi to batsu

聞こえてくるのは森の歌? kikoete kuru no wa mori no uta?
いいえそれは破滅の銃声 iie sore wa hametsu no juusei

呪われた双子から norowareta futago kara
放たれた悪意の器 hanatareta akui no utsuwa
いかなる物語を描くのか ikanaru monogatari o egaku no ka

七つの罪と罰 nanatsu no tsumi to batsu

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