Kimi no uwasa
Song title
Romaji: Kimi no Uwasa
English: Rumor of Yours
Uploaded March 2, 2008, with 23,000+ views
Niconico Broadcast (removed) • YouTube Broadcast (reprint)

Background Edit

"Kimi no Uwasa" is an original Japanese VOCALOID song featuring KAITO. It was produced and published three years prior to the original VOCALOID release, and was used as a demo to showcase the prototype voicebank's progress. However, the original video has since been removed, with no credits or information given for or about the original creator of the song. Aside from the limited information, it is one of the very first demos created for the Japanese voicebank, prior to its release.

Lyrics Edit

Note: The written lyrics were not provided by the author. We transcribed the Japanese and romaji lyrics from the song. The kanji words seen here may change in the future.

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
細い指先に 縺れる思い抑えて hosoi yubisaki ni motsureru omoi osaete
心騒いでる夜に しがみ付いて kokoro sawaideru yoru ni shigami tsuite
青い月明かり 二人の影が aoi tsuki akari futari no kage ga
怪しく 揺れる二人の心 映すように ayashiku yureru futari no kokoro utsusu you ni
忘れる事が 許されるなら wasureru koto ga yurusareru nara
僕の心の 君を消したい boku no kokoro no kimi o keshitai
すぐ sugu

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