Image of "忘れるわけないでしょ (Wasureru Wake Nai Desho)"
Song title
  • "忘れるわけないでしょ"
  • Romaji: Wasureru Wake Nai Desho
  • English: There's No Way I Could Forget
Uploaded May 7, 2008, with 310,000+ Niconico views
  • yuukiss (music, lyrics)
  • ashr (illust)


yuukiss' 4th work using her "Vocannaidesu" technique. It holds the record of being the shortest song (38 seconds) to ever reach more than 300k views. It even received the tag "38 seconds of Miracle" (38秒の奇跡). However, it was not included in the Hall of Fame.

4 years later, yuukiss uploaded an extended version but then, it was just 1 minute longer than the previous one. She has yet to release a full version of the song.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Extended Version
Featuring KAITO
Author(s) yuukiss
Category Remaster
Fandmade PV
Featuring KAITO
Author(s) Rena
Category Fanmade PV


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
忘れるわけないでしょ そうでしょ wasureru wake nai desho sou desho
わかってるんでしょ? wakatterun desho ?
僕が 君を どんなに好きか boku ga kimi wo donnani suki ka
涼しい顔で 気にしないフリ suzushii kao de ki ni shinai furi
強がる男の 弱いプライド tsuyogaru otoko no yowai puraido


Featuring YUU
Author(s) Yukaoki-P
Category VOCALOID cover

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