Fear Garden CHAA
Song title
Romaji: Kyoufu Gaaden
English: Fear Garden
Uploaded July 7, 2008, with 216,000+ views
Kagamine Rin
Chaa (music, lyrics)
Various illustrators from piapro
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast (unavailable)


"Fear Garden" was first uploaded on July 7, 2008 and was one of Chaa's most notable works with over 189,000 views, the other being "Meconopsis Betonicifolia" sung by Hatsune Miku which also reached Hall of Fame (exceeding 100,000 views) with over 200,000 views.

A fanmade anime PV of Fear Garden by slept was relatively popular with double the amount of views of the original Fear Garden, with over half a million views on Niconico to date. Many commenters on the original video of Fear Garden have said that it was thanks to the fanmade anime PV by slept did they discover the song Fear Garden.

The story is about a psychopathic Rin in which cutting of arms, planting them in her "garden" and arranging them in different places is her pleasure.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
ひとつ、ふたつ、みっつ、よっつ、いつつ hitotsu, futatsu, mittsu, yottsu, itsutsu,
むっつ、ななつ、とお! muttsu, nanattsu, too!

右から生えてる腕を引っこ抜いて migi kara haeteru ude wo hikkonuite
植木鉢に突き刺してみるね uekibachi ni tsukisashite miru ne
人差し指と中指を絡め hitosashiyubi to nakayubi wo karame
素敵素敵な花の完成 suteki suteki na hana no kansei

お庭には綺麗なオテテが沢山咲いてて oniwa ni wa kirei na otete ga takusan saitete
一つも同じものは無いでしょ hitotsu mo onaji mono wa nai desho

恐怖ガーデン *loop kyoufu gaaden *loop
だって逃げてかないで>< datte nigeteka nai de ><

誰にもいえない秘密の花園 dare ni mo ienai himitsu no hanazono
打ち明けられない秘密の花園 uchi akerarenai himitsu no hanazono


とても綺麗なのよ指が5本、たまには4本 totemo kirei na no yo yubi ga go hon, tama ni wa yon hon
お目目をほじくって見てごらん omeme wo hojikutte mite goran

嘘よ嘘全部嘘なの uso yo uso zenbu uso na no

たぶんね・・・フフフ tabunne... fufufu


Len's Cover
Featuring Kagamine Len
Author(s) Sanduru02
Category VOCALOID cover
SF-A2 Miki's Cover
Featuring SF-A2 Miki
Author(s) Bawhxer
Category VOCALOID cover
Tei Sukone's Cover
Featuring Tei Sukone
Author(s) GumiSilverLovah
Category UTAU cover
Defoko's Cover
Featuring Defoko
Author(s) Yumi Torahom
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Nami Utaune's Cover
Featuring Nami Utaune
Author(s) nmasao1
Category UTAU cover
Amaya Koumori's Cover
Featuring Amaya Koumori (E.SX Amaya Koumori Append)
Author(s) IzzyDoodles
Category UTAU cover
Ao77's Cover
Featuring Ao77
Author(s) Dido987
Category UTAU cover

slept's PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Author(s) slept
Category Fanmade PV

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