The Daughter of Evil: Praeludium of Red (悪ノ娘 赤のプラエルディウム), is the third novel in the series written by Akuno-P(mothy), and was released on December 23, 2011 by PHP Comix. It is the third novel adaption of the Story of Evil. It focuses on the story of Yukina Freezis as she searches for the story of the truth about what happened during the lucifenian revolution.




Yukina Freezis

The Freezis family's oldest daughter. Having exhibited her genius in her childhood, she has become a rookie novelist known all over Evillious. Currently, she's left her home country and is traveling to other coutries for a certain purpose.


Germaine Avadonia

Due to her achievements in the Lucifenian Revolution, she became known as the hero named "The Swords Woman in Red Armor". After the revolution, she departed from the Kingdom of Lucifenia. She is currently part of the Langley troops of the Beelzenian Empire.


Riliane Mouchet

Former General of the army of the Lucifenian occupied Retasan Fortress. While very masculine in behaviour and speech, she is very friendly. She hates being called the same name as "The Daughter of Evil" and therefor occationally uses the nickname "Lily".



The appretice of Elluka, who formerly served as the court mage in the Lucifen dynasty. After the revolution she bagan traveling with Elluka. After they were separated, she became a consultant of Beelzenians Emperor.


Kyle Marlon

The young King of Marlon, an island country in the west sea. After the revolution, her merged Lucifenia with his own country and imposed an extreme military policy. He seems to have a complex over his mediocrity.


Ney Futapie

The adoptive daughter of Mariam Futapie, one of Lucifenia's Three Heroes. Thanks to her skills, she managed to become the Caption of the Marlon Espoinage Task Force. However that's all a facade, he true idetity is Ney Marlon, Thirteenth Princess of the Kingdom of Marlon.


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