Image of "悪徳のジャッジメント (Akutoku no Judgment)"
Song title
  • "悪徳のジャッジメント"
  • Romaji: Akutoku no Jajjimento
  • Official Translation: Judgment of Corruption
  • Official English: Mammon's Court
Uploaded December 22, 2010 (album)
June 13, 2011 (PV), with 1,000,000+ Niconico views


Money bends even the laws of hell
— Author's comment

Gallerian Marlon (KAITO) is the Supreme Court Director of the USE Dark Star Bureau. He claims that he desires money more than justice and is willing to declare anyone innocent as long as they have money. He has recently been widowed and is seeking to cure his and his wife's "daughter", Michelle (Miku) of her handicap. Ma (Luka) told him that if he gathers the Vessels of Sin, his wish will be granted so he continues his corrupt ways in order to grant to gain what he wants.

Later he declares war criminal Tony Ausdin (Tonio) innocent despite his crimes makes him deserving of the death penalty. Civil war then breaks out and during it, in wrath, someone sets his house on fire and he stays by his daughter's side as the flames consume them. He later awakens in the Hellish Yard and is greeted by the "Master of the Hellish Yard"(GUMI) and she tells him he can be let into the Heavenly Yard if he gives up his fortune. He snaps that he'll never give up his fortune and the master sends him to the lower planes of the Hellish Yard.

This song is one of the tracks of Akuno-P's Seven Deadly Sins Series. This song was first released on Akuno-P's album, Evils Kingdom and was released again on Judgment of Corruption ~a court of greed~ before recieving its PV, after which it was included in EVILS COURT. A remastered version was featured on Seven Crimes and Punishments. The original version is also featured in the EXIT TUNES compialtion album Kaitonation.

This song has also entered the Hall of Legend.

Main articles: Seven Deadly Sins and The Evillious Chronicles

Succeeding versionsEdit

Trailer ver.
Featuring KAITO
Author(s) mothy (music, lyrics), You-ring (illust)
Category PV
Featuring KAITO V3 Straight
Author(s) Akuno-P
Category Succeeding Demo
Seven Crimes and Punishments Version
Featuring KAITO
Author(s) Akuno-P
Category Succeeding version



fabi-chanx3's MMD PV
Featuring KAITO
Author(s) fabi-chanx3
Category Fanmade PV
carymono sommonner's MMD PV
Featuring KAITO
Author(s) carymono sommonner
Category Fanmade PV

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