Image of "日本橋高架下R計画 (Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku)"
Song title
  • "日本橋高架下R計画"
  • Romaji: Nihonbashi Koukashita R Keikaku
  • English: Project R under Nihonbashi Bridge
Uploaded April 4, 2012, with 993,000+ Niconico views and 305,100+ YouTube views
  • Music:
  • Jin (music, lyrics, guitar)
  • Yumao (drum)
  • Shirakami Mashiro (bass)
  • nagie (recording, mixing, engineering)
  • IA PROJECT (production)
  • Video:
  • maxilla inc. (total production)
  • Hosogane Takuya (direction, composition)
  • Mitomi Takuya (co-direction, conte)
  • Yamaguchi Yuya (executive production manager)
  • Kato Chiaki (production management)
  • Akasaka Aka (IA original character design)
  • name (character design)
  • zajirogh (background design)
  • Nakagawa Hideki (animation supervision)
  • Yamashita Shingo (executive advision)
  • Bahi JD, koya58, Izumoto Nikki, Matsuo Nobuyuki, Imaoka Noriyuki, rapparu, ryo-timo., Nishii Ryosuke, Takarai Shunsuke, yotube, Watanabe Yuki (animation)
  • ina (color design, background paint)
  • Kato Chiaki, Oikawa Manami, Minagawa Marumi (color layout)
  • Abe Jiko (layout design)


Jin's seventh published song. It was made for IA PROJECT's compilation album IA/01 -BIRTH-. Nihonbashi is the bridge at the centre of Tokyo. It is the point from which Japanese people measure distances: highway signs that report the distance to Tokyo actually state the number of kilometers to Nihonbashi. The project linked to the bridge is the project to move underground an expressway, obscuring the view of beautiful Mount Fuji from the bridge.[1]

The name corresponds to the fact that video and text are not directly linked, encouraging viewer's imagination. In an interview with Takuya Mitomi and Takuya Hosogane, the producer revealed that after being asked to direct the animation he considered various approaches for how the video should look like. In the end he went with the concept of imitating an experience one would feel while browsing tumblr, with all of the cuts being created with animated GIF's in mind, each of them telling a random story.[2]

This song has entered the Hall of Fame within 24 hours after the upload.

The full version of the song is album-only.

Documentary videoEdit

Making of "R"
Author(s) Takuya Hosogane
Category Documentary


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
3,2,1,0で瞑想中。アンテナを張ってみよう 3,2,1,0 de meisou chuu. antena o hatte miyou

3,2,1僕は研究中。ミラー越しに見てた 3,2,1 boku wa kenkyuu chuu. miraa goshi ni miteta

愛なんて信じちゃいけないよ? ai nante shinjicha ikenai yo?
その雰囲気(ムード)はちょっとダサいね sono muudo wa chotto dasai ne

濁っちゃった空気は知らないよ nigocchatta kuuki wa shiranai yo
無視してさ、進もう mushishite sa, susumou

白線を踏み外さないように未来へ hakusen o fumihazusanai you ni mirai e

振り向いて、忘れないように右へ倣った furimuite, wasurenai yō ni migi e naratta

自動車も自販機もいないのかい? jidousha mo jihanki mo inai no kai?
切なくって setsunakutte

飛行機は空からキラキラ光ってた hikouki wa sora kara kirakira hikatteta
嘘つき土曜日もコンクリートは見ていて usotsuki doyoubi mo konkuriito wa miteite

真夜中が何度も廻るよ mayonaka ga nando mo mawaru yo

Other media appearancesEdit

Featured in the game(s)...
IA/VT Colorful


Storyboard Sheet #1
Storyboard Sheet #2
Storyboard Sheet #3
Storyboard Sheet #4
Storyboard Sheet #5
Storyboard Sheet #6
Storyboard Sheet #7


  1. Wikipedia - Nihonbashi
  2. [1] Interview with Takuya Hosogane (Japanese)

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  • tumblr - Bahi JD's tumblr with animation process details
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