Song title
Romaji: Hoshi no Kakera
English: Fragments of a Star
Uploaded February 9, 2012, with 32,000+ views
GUMI (Megpoid Native)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast (reprint)

Background Edit

"Hoshi no Kakera" is an original GUMI song. It has been used as a demo song for the release of GUMI Native and GUMI English.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Fragments of Star
Featuring GUMI (Megpoid English)
Author(s) INTERNET Co.
Category Succeeding version; VOCALOID cover

Lyrics Edit

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
遠くで響く始まりの鐘 tooku de hibiku hajimari no kane
風に古の音聞いて遠く遠くまで kaze ni inishie no ne kiite tooku tooku made

言葉は記憶に姿を変えてゆく kotoba wa kioku ni sugata wo kaeteyuku
昨日の煌きこぼれた砂のよう kinou no kirameki koboreta suna no you

消え行く惑星(ほし)見つめて kieyuku hoshi mitsumete
あなたの手握り締めた anata no te nigirishimeta
重なる記憶は時間(とき)を止める kasanaru kioku wa toki wo tomeru

遠くで響く始まりの鐘 tooku de hibiku hajimari no kane
キミは明日を目指してそっと言うよ kimi wa ashita wo mezashite sotto iu yo
永遠ならば終わりはないと eien naraba owari wa nai to
言った瞳の奥見えた割れた星のかけら itta hitomi no oku mieta wareta hoshi no kakera

時間は果てない私を置いてくの jikan wa hatenai watashi wo oiteku no
身体は離れて星と共に歩く karada wa hanarete hoshi to tomo ni aruku

心揺さぶったメロディー kokoro yusabutta merodii
絡みつく閃光の光纏い karamitsuku senkou no hikari matoi
孤高の身体独り見つめてる kokou no karada hitori mitsumeteru

(だから) (dakara)

遠ざかる()は終わりを告げる toozakaru hi wa owari wo tsugeru
幾度繰り返すメッセージ ikudo kurikaesu messeeji
「もう一度・・・もう一度・・・」 "mou ichido… mou ichido…"

永遠なんて泡沫(うたかた)の夢 eien nante utakata no yume
残った旋律に乗せて次の場所へと nokotta senritsu ni nosete tsugi no basho e to

遠くで響く始まりの鐘 tooku de hibiku hajimari no kane

永遠ならば・・・ eien naraba…

somewhere far away
the echoes keep me awake
swept away, hear the millions of yesterdays,
far away far away

in front of my eyes these words come to life
and shapeshift into memories
and like hourglass sand the light
of yesterday started to pour slowly I held your hand
as we watched these stars
and they started to disappear into light
memories fade
disperse into darkness I'm lost here in time

somewhere far away
the echoes keep me awake
and as you, chase tomorrow you brought me along
whispering these words

if love is just a fairy tale
that let's pretend this is real
and there it slept in the depths of your starlit eyes
fragments of a broken star

just a reminder that time couldn't wait
and I watched as the hours they left me behind
and there I was left to watch from afar
as my body left me and walked with the stars

as my heart filled with light it let in your reflection
for what felt like a lifetime but lasted just a second
left without you I'm wondering why
if this wasn't just a dream

thats why
these lights, shining flawlessly
the end, without apologies
once again
hear the message that's calling me
one more time one more time
falling for eternity
these stars shape our reality
pack my dreams
the remains of this melody
fly away fly away

somewhere far away
the echoes keep me awake

if love is just a fairy tale

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