Image of "星空下的坚强 (Xīngkōng Xià de Jiānqiáng)"
Song title
  • "星空下的坚强"
  • Traditional Chinese 星空下的堅強
  • Pinyin: Xīngkōng Xià de Jiānqiáng
  • Official English: A Mighty Stardust
Uploaded April 24, 2016, with 38,000+ bilibili views and 2,100+ YouTube views
  • Zhuanchanglangren (music, lyrics, tuning)
  • Tian zZ (tuning)
  • Chenfengdao (Russian captions)
  • Phoenix_Ruby (illustrator)
  • hisakagami (video)


Are you strong enough today? Let the Number 1 Diva of the universe give you a hug!
— Author's note

"A Mighty Stardust" is an original song featuring Stardust. According to the producer, Stardust was born in the darkness of high dimensional cosmic and lived in the vast space-time, where she felt lonely and helpless. As time passed, she overheard a signal emitted from a an Earth spacecraft; a wavelength filled with love that impresses a heart: a song. Stardust mustered up her bravery and flew toward the spacecraft and for the first time, she sings "The Mighty Stardust". The people from within the spacecraft found her and took her back to earth. The entire earth sang her brilliant song to her and from then on, she would bring the world more beautiful songs.


Chinese (中文歌词) Pinyin (拼音) Official English
在这个冰冷世界里 zai zhege bingleng shijie li in this cold world
是否只剩下我自己 shifou zhi sheng xia wo ziji Am I the only one left
面对满天繁星 mian dui man tian fanxing in the face of starry sky
慢慢失去呼吸 manman shiqu huxi I lost my breath slowly

渐渐沉入这片海底 jianjian chen ru zhe pian haidi sinking into the sea gradually
经过多少个光年世纪 jingguo duoshao ge guang nian shiji passing amount of centuries
不曾拥有过感情 buceng yongyouguo ganqing never having feelings
无法掩盖的叹息 wufa yangai de tanxi cannot conceal suspiration

那远方传来的声音 na yuanfang chuan lai de shengyin the voice coming from far away
是多么温暖熟悉 shi duome wennuan shouxi is so mildness and familiar
仿佛拥有着奇迹 fangfu yongyouzhe qiji as if holding miracle

这无形的电波之中 zhe wuxing de dianbo zhi zhong in these invisible radio waves
是情感在反复播送 shi qinggan zai fanfu bosong emotions are transmitted
连接着你和我 lianjiezhe ni he wo connecting you and I

就请你给我拥抱 jiu qing ni gei wo yongbao please embrace me
让我也感受你的坚强 rang wo ye ganshou ni de jianqiang let me feel your strength
从此不会再迷惘 congci bu hui zai miwang my heart will not hesitate anymore
燃烧着心中的光芒 ranshaozhe xinzhong de guangmang kindling the light inside
就让这星球 给予我 创造梦想的力量 jiu rang zhe xingqiu jiyu wo chuangzao mengxiang de liliang let this planet give me the power to create dreams
让所有的歌声 将整个 世界点亮 rang suoyou de gesheng jiang zhengge shijie dian liang let all the songs lighten the entire world

哈啊…… haa…… haa

就让我给你拥抱 jiu rang wo gei ni yongbao let me embrace you
在这片星空下学会坚强 zai zhe pian xingkong xia xuehui jianqiang learn how to be strong under this starry sky
内心不会再彷徨 neixin bu hui zai fanghuang my heart will not hesitate anymore
绽放出灿烂的星光 zhanfang chu canlan de xingguang kindling the light inside
就让这世界 听到我 为你唱出的回响 jiu rang zhe shijie ting dao wo wei ni chang chu de huixiang let the world hear my echo for you
让所有的歌声 将新的 未来开创 rang suoyou de gesheng jiang xin de weilai kaichuang let all the songs create new future

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