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Image of "東京テディベア (Tokyo Teddy Bear)"
Song title
  • "東京テディベア"
  • English: Tokyo Teddy Bear
Uploaded Aug 14, 2011, with 2,890,000+ Niconico views


The song was first uploaded on August 14, 2011, and is Neru's seventh work uploaded. The video reached 1,000,000 at 11:07 AM on June 20, 2012 and has since been covered by various utaites. This was also featured in an EXIT TUNES compilation Vocalocluster, V Love 25~Aperios~, and VOCALOID 超BEST -impacts-.

To celebrate Kagamine Append's first anniversary, Tokyo Teddy Bear's single was released by KARENT.

The song is rather vague, and so several interpretations can be made. A possible meaning for the song is that the main protagonist, played by Rin, runs away from home and her family, thinking that she has a 'crazy filled mind'. She appears to hate her life and wants to change. In the song, she struggles with why she needs to change, seen in the lyrics; "Make a fool of yourself." Either these are her parents words to her, or these are Rin's own thoughts. She appears to fear that changing can only make her a mere fool.

In other lyrics, Rin asks why she can't just be loved—possibly by her family—and expresses wishes to cut her face off with scissors. This appears to indicate she has a history of, or is contemplating, harming herself, whether by literally cutting herself or by inflicting mental pain.

The teddy bear could also represent the singer. The stuffed toy is nearly torn apart and is a mess of stitches and patches, much like Rin imagines herself to be on the inside. The teddy bear's physical state symbolizes Rin's internal suffering. Seeing herself, like the bear, as being destined to be constantly torn apart and patched up again, Rin expresses a desire to be "patched" up and be fixed. At some parts, she hints of pulling the last string that keeps the teddy bear together, possibly symbolizing her death. The ending of the song—whether Rin returns home, finds help, runs away, commits suicide, etc.—is left to the viewer's imagination.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Vocalocluster PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Author(s) Neru (music, lyrics), Orebanana-P (tuning), Sidu (illust, video)
Category PV


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
父さん母さん 今までごめん tousan kaasan ima made gomen
膝を震わせ 親指しゃぶる hiza wo furuwase oyayubi shaburu
兄さん姉さん それじゃあまたね niisan neesan sore jaa mata ne
冴えない靴の 踵潰した saenai kutsu no kakato tsubushita

見え張ったサイズで 型紙を取る mie hatta saizu de katagami wo toru
何だっていいのさ 代わりになれば nandatte ii no sa kawari ni nareba

愛されたいと 口を零した aisaretai to kuchi wo koboshita
もっと丈夫な ハサミで motto joubuna hasami de
顔を切り取るのさ kao wo kiritoru no sa

全智全能の言葉を ほら聞かせてよ zenchi zen'nou no kotoba wo hora kikasete yo
脳みそ以外 もういらないと noumiso igai mou iranai to
why not, I don't know
近未来創造 明日の傷創 ただ揺らしてよ kin mirai souzou asu no shousou tada yurashite yo
縫い目の隙間を埋めておくれ nuime no sukima wo umete okure

皆さんさようなら 先生お元気で minasan sayounara sensei ogenki de
高なった胸に 涎が垂れる takanatta mune ni yodare ga tareru

正直者は何を見る? 正直者は馬鹿を見る! shoujikimon wa nani wo miru? shoujikimon wa baka wo miru!
正直者は何を見る? 正直者は馬鹿を見る! shoujikimon wa nani wo miru? shoujikimon wa baka wo miru!

あー、これじゃまだ足りないよ aa, kore ja mada tarinai yo
もっと大きな ミシンで 心貫くのさ motto ookina mishin de kokoro tsuranuku no sa

全智全能の言葉を ほら聞かせてよ zenchi zen'nou no kotoba wo hora kikasete yo
脳みそ以外 もういらないと noumiso igai mou iranai to
why not, I don't know
近未来創造 明日の傷創 ただ揺らしてよ kin mirai souzou asu no shousou tada yurashite yo
縫い目の隙間を埋めておくれ nuime no sukima wo umete okure

もう何も無いよ 何も無いよ 引き剥がされて mou nanimo nai yo nanimo nai yo hiki hagasarete
糸屑の 海へと この細胞も ito kuzu no umi e to kono saibou mo
そうボクいないよ ボクいないよ 投げ捨てられて sou boku inai yo boku inai yo nagesuterarete
帰る場所すら何処にも 無いんだよ Kaeru basho sura doko ni mo nainda yo

存在証明。 あー、shut up ウソだらけの体 sonzai shoumei. aa, shut up uso-darake no karada
完成したいよ ズルしたいよ 今、解答を kansei shitai yo zuru shitai yo ima, kaitou wo
変われないの? 飼われたいの? kawarenai no? kawaretai no?
何も無い? こんなのボクじゃない! nanimo nai? kon'nano boku janai!
縫い目は解けて引き千切れた nuime wa hodokete hiki-chigireta

煮え立ったデイズで 命火を裁つ nietatta deizu de inochi bi o tatsu
誰だっていいのさ 代わりになれば dare datte ii no sa kawari ni nareba


Yuett Egao's Cover
Featuring Yuett Egao
Author(s) UTAUMASTER (Mixing, Cover) UtauReizo (UST)
Category UTAU cover
Mitsuko's cover
Featuring Mitsuko
Author(s) Sarah Lynn (cover), mikitara (art), UtauReizo (UST)
Category UTAU cover
Meiji's cover
Featuring Gahata Meiji
Author(s) Farias (cover), Kream (UST)
Category UTAU cover
Ichigawa Yumi's Cover
Featuring Ichigawa Yumi (ACT3F VCV Classic, ACT3F VCV Calm)
Author(s) mania211 (cover), UtauReizo (UST)
Category UTAU cover
April Fools "Adult Rin" Cover
Featuring "Adult" Kagamine Rin
Author(s) thechosenox2 (Dyspnia)
Category Project Diva F PV

Fanmade Nico Chorus
Featuring Guriri, Yorukichi, Zanto, shell, Sarico, Iwamoto
Author(s) pololist
Category Human cover; Chorus
Wotamin's Cover
Featuring Wotamin
Author(s) Konata-P, Rokka
Category Human cover
Rib's Cover
Featuring Rib
Author(s) Rib
Category Human cover
Dance Cover
Author(s) けいたん, アンディ (choreography)
Category Dance cover

Len's Arrangement Cover
Featuring Kagamine Len
Author(s) Orebanana-P (tune), △○□× (illust), Suzumu (arrangement)
Category VOCALOID cover
Rin & Len Mash
Featuring Kagamine Rin, Kagamine Len
Author(s) Px2
Category VOCALOID cover
Soraru's Arrangement Cover
Featuring Soraru
Author(s) Suzumu (arrangement)
Category Human cover; Arrangement

Fanmade -Project DIVA- PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Author(s) Arute
Category Fanmade -Project DIVA- PV
Chatsu's PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Author(s) Chatsu
Category Hand Drawn PV
Fanmade -Project DIVA- extend PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Category Fanmade -Project DIVA- PV
Nasuno's PV
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Author(s) Nasuno (video)
Category PV

Other media appearancesEdit


This song was featured in the following concerts.


This song was featured in the Vocaloid Super Selection book as sheet music, and in the Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- f & F memorial, along with the respective modules and concept arts.


Featured in the game(s)...
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F YouTube


  • This song is responsible for the Mild Violence warning in Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA F, as in the song, a silhouette of Rin is impaled by a large sewing needle. It is also one of the reasons behind the game's T rating.


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