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Image of "炉心融解 (Roshin Yuukai)"
Song title
  • "炉心融解"
  • Romaji: Roshin Yuukai
  • Official English: Meltdown
  • English: Nuclear Fusion
Uploaded December 19, 2008, with 2,667,000+ Niconico views

Image of "炉心融解 (Roshin Yuukai)"
Song title
  • "炉心融解"
  • Romaji: Roshin Yuukai
  • Official English: Meltdown
  • English: Nuclear Fusion
Uploaded August 30, 2009, with 5,157,000+ Niconico views


It's surely that kind of a world.

"Meltdown" is iroha(sasaki)'s most popular work. It is also widely considered Kagamine Rin's best-known song of all time.

There are various interpretations of this song. The PV can be literally interpreted as Rin jumping into a nuclear reactor to commit suicide, or it can be interpreted figuratively as Rin trying to get rid of her past or purge herself of her sins in order to grow up and become an adult.

Iroha has said the lyrics and video represent conflicts in the singer's inner psychological world. In the video, Rin jumps into a reactor core/nuclear reactor and chokes someone, possibly to death. The little Rin stands for innocent childish mind inside her. The choking scene symbolizes erasing her past self and starting anew.[1]

This song is featured in the EXIT TUNES compilation album Vocalostar.


There was a controversy over the video and the Weekly Vocaloid Ranking on Nico Nico. Taking advantage of the Vocaloid Ranking's score system, people made dummy accounts and put the song on their My List just to increase the song's score in the ranking, making it stay in the top 20 indefinitely. Though iroha(sasaki) asked his viewers to stop this illegitimate practice, they did not stop and in retaliation, Iroha deleted the video from his account and put it up on Nagimiso.SYS's. This disqualified the video from being in the rankings, as one of the requirements is that the original composer must submit it.

This raised awareness about the cheating behind the rankings. The score system was modified, thus taking many long-lasting regulars such as "Hatsune Miku no Shoushitsu", "Miku Miku ni Shite Ageru", and "World is Mine" off the list altogether.

The new PV put up on Nagimiso.SYS's account features several touched-up areas including a different-looking reactor, new countdown text, and added detail in certain scenes.

Succeeding versionsEdit

Asami Shimoda's Cover
Featuring Asami Shimoda
Author(s) iroha(sasaki)
Category Human cover


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
街明かり華やか machi akari hanayaka
エーテル麻酔の冷たさ eeteru masui no tsumetasa
眠れない午前二時 nemurenai gozen ni-ji
全てが急速に変わる subete ga kyuusoku ni kawaru

オイル切れのライター oiru gire no raitaa
焼けつくような胃の中 yaketsuku you na i no naka
全てがそう嘘なら subete ga sou uso nara
本当によかったのにね hontou ni yokatta no ni ne

君の首を絞める夢を見た kimi no kubi wo shimeru yume wo mita
光の溢れる昼下がり hikari no afureru hirusagari
君の細い喉が跳ねるのを kimi no hosoi nodo ga haneru no wo
泣き出しそうな眼で見ていた nakidashisou na me de miteita

核融合炉にさ kakuyuugouro ni sa
飛び込んでみたいと思う tobikondemitai to omou
真っ青な光包まれて奇麗 massao na hikari tsutsumarete kirei
核融合炉にさ kakuyuugouro ni sa
飛び込んでみたら tobikondemitara
そしたら soshitara
すべてが許されるような気がして subete ga yurusareru youna kigashite

ベランダの向こう側 beranda no mukougawa
階段を昇ってゆく音 kaidan wo nobotteyuku oto
陰り出した空が kageridashita sora ga
窓ガラスに部屋に落ちる mado garasu ni heya ni ochiru

拡散する夕暮れ kakusansuru yuugure
泣き腫らしたような陽の赤 nakiharashita you na hi no aka
融けるように少しずつ tokeru you ni sukoshi zutsu
少しずつ死んでゆく世界 sukoshi zutsu shindeyuku sekai

君の首を絞める夢を見た kimi no kubi wo shimeru yume wo mita
春風に揺れるカーテン harukaze ni yureru kaaten
乾いて切れた唇から kawaite kireta kuchibiru kara
零れる言葉は泡のよう koboreru kotoba wa awa no you

核融合炉にさ kakuyuugouro ni sa
飛び込んでみたいと思う tobikondemitai to omou
真っ白に記憶融かされて消える masshiro ni kioku tokasarete kieru
核融合炉にさ kakuyuugouro ni sa
飛び込んでみたらまた昔みたいに tobikondemitara mata mukashi mitai ni
眠れるようなそんな気がして nemureru you na sonna ki ga shite

時計の秒針や tokei no byoushin ya
テレビの司会者や terebi no shikaisha ya
そこにいるけど見えない誰かの soko ni iru kedo mienai dareka no
笑い声飽和して反響する waraigoe houwashite hankyousuru

アレグロ・アジテート areguro・ajiteeto
耳鳴りが消えない止まない miminari ga kienai yamanai
アレグロ・アジテート areguro・ajiteeto
耳鳴りが消えない止まない miminari ga kienai yamanai

誰もみんな消えてく夢を見た dare mo minna kieteku yume wo mita
真夜中の部屋の広さと静寂が mayonaka no heya no hirosa to seijaku ga
胸につっかえて mune ni tsukkaete
上手に息ができなくなる jouzu ni iki ga dekinaku naru

あああああああああああああ!!!!!(Shout!!) aaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!! (Shout!!)

核融合炉にさ kakuyuugouro ni sa
飛び込んでみたらそしたら tobikondemitara soshitara
きっと眠るように消えていけるんだ kitto nemuru you ni kiete ikeru n da
僕のいない朝は boku no inai asa wa
今よりずっと素晴らしくて ima yori zutto subarashikute
全ての歯車が噛み合った subete no haguruma ga kamiatta

きっとそんな世界だ kitto sonna sekai da

Written by an unknown artist, this version of the lyrics were used in the English version of Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd.

The city lights are spectacular,
but I feel ether's lingering chill
I can't sleep, It's 2 AM,
And everything's changing so fast

I'm like a lighter out of fluid
My insides are on fire
Sometimes I wish
It was all a lie

In my dream I strangled you
In the languid afternoon light
I watched your throat, thin and twitching
Through eyes brimming with tears

I want to jump into the core
Beauty wrapped in pure blue light
If I could jump into the core
I feel as if all would be forgiven

The second hand on a clock, a TV host
Someone there I just can't see
Their laughter echoes as it swells

Allegro agitato
The ringing in my ears won't fade, won't stop
Allegro agitato
The ringing in my ears won't fade, won't stop

I dreamed the whole world vanished
In the night, my room feels vast
And the silence chokes my heart
Making it hard to breathe

If I jumped into the core
I'd vanish, like I had gone to sleep
A morning without me would be perfect
All the gears everywhere meshing together

That's how the world would be


VY1V4's Cover
Featuring VY1V4 Power
Author(s) JonathanMDful
Category VOCALOID cover
Kagamine Rin APPEND Cover
Featuring Kagamine Rin Append
Author(s) Nico-P (illust, cover)
Category VOCALOID cover
Iroha's Cover
Featuring Nekomura Iroha
Author(s) darkninjavn2011
Category VOCALOID cover
Iroha's Cover
Featuring Nekomura Iroha
Author(s) Ariel
Category VOCALOID cover
Yatchou's Cantonese Cover
Featuring Baak Yatchou
Author(s) 34CYGNI (voicebank, illust), Syo (UST, mixing), IchirouUchiki (lyrics)
Category UTAU cover
( ゚д゚ )'s Cover
Featuring "That voicebank"
Author(s) ( ゚д゚ )
Category UTAU cover
Momo's Cover
Featuring Momone Momo
Author(s) mk
Category UTAU cover

Yoppei's Cover
Featuring Yoppei
Author(s) Yoppei
Category Human cover
20 Persons' Chorus
Featuring Various utaites, Kagamine Rin
Category Chorus

Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) baker (remix), Nagimiso.SYS (illusts)
Category Remix, VOCALOID cover
Hard R.K. mix
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Author(s) cosMo (remix), Nagimiso.SYS (illusts).
Category Remix
Roshin Yuukai -melt down- JunK Arrange
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Author(s) rerulili (guitar), Kihee (bass), toku (piano & mixdown), hatsuko (illust), nagimiso (material), Mienohito (video)
Category Remix
Studio Kit Remix
Featuring Kagamine Rin
Author(s) KIT
Category Remix
koma’n's Piano Version
Author(s) koma’n
Category Arrangement
Roshin Yuukai ~piano.ver~
Featuring Kagamine Rin act2
Author(s) kyaami
Category Arrangement; VOCALOID cover
marasy's Piano Version
Author(s) marasy
Category Arrangement
Osamuraisan's Guitar Version
Author(s) Osamuraisan
Category Arrangement
Chiptune Arrange
Author(s) branflakes325
Category Arrangement

Romaji/English Rori Yuukai (Loli Kidnapping)
Featuring Kagamine Len
Author(s) Oten-P
Category Parody
Romaji/English Onii Yuukai (Big Brother Kidnapping)
Featuring Kagamine Rin, Megurine Luka, Hatsune Miku, KAITO
Author(s) Chanagi-P (lyrics), Maroyan (illusts).
Category Parody
Romaji/English Rashin Yuukai (Naked Melt)
Featuring KAITO
Author(s) Shinya-P, luna (illust)
Category Parody; VOCALOID cover
Romaji/English Jashin Yuukai (Evil Melt)
Featuring LIQU@., Reji
Author(s) LIQU@. (vocals), Reji (chorus), Windress (mix)
Category Parody; Human cover
Romaji/English Rolling Yuukai (Rolling Melt)
Featuring Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Nise
Category Mash-up
Poyzo's PV (ローリン融解)
Featuring Kagamine Rin, Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Poyzo
Category Fanmade PV
Lyrics Shuffle
Featuring Kagamine Rin / Asami Shimoda
Author(s) Ennea

Other media appearancesEdit


Piano sheet music appeared in the Piano Solo Yasashiku Hikeru collection. This song has also appeared as sheet music in the Vocaloid Best Selection series. This also song featured in the mook VOCALO☆Band Score, vol.2.


This song was featured in the following concerts.


Featured in the game(s)...
Project DIVA 2nd YouTube
Project DIVA Extend YouTube
Project DIVA Arcade YouTube
Miku Flick/02 YouTube
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- F 2nd YouTube



  1. Iroha’s Blog

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