Image of "爱 (Ài)"
Song title
  • ""
  • Traditional Chinese: 愛
  • Pinyin: Ài
  • English: Love
Uploaded June 19, 2012, with 173,000+ bilibili views
  • PoKeR (music, lyrics, tuning)
  • Qing Qiexian (illustrator)


"Ài" is an original Luo Tianyi song. She expresses her frustration at how hard it is to please people by singing, but says that it doesn't matter if no one listens, if the whole world never acknowledges her, or if her whole body shatters. She would still stay and sing because of "love", hence the title of the song.

Some people speculate that the parts where she sings "it doesn't matter if no one listens; it doesn't matter if the whole world never acknowledges her; it doesn't matter if her whole body shatters" is actually a metaphor for how Chinese VOCALOIDs were not well known in the fandom compared the Japanese, English, and Korean VOCALOIDs. "就算身体将支离破碎", which translates to "even if my body shatters", may be symbolizing her software eventually falling out of use.

This song exceeded 100,000 views on bilibili.

Preceding and succeeding versionsEdit

1.0 Version
Featuring Luo Tianyi
Author(s) PoKeR (music, lyrics, tuning), Qing Qiexian (illustrator)
Category Preceding version
3.0 Version
Featuring Luo Tianyi
Author(s) PoKeR
Category Succeeding version



Yu Hexie's Cover
Featuring Yu Hexie
Author(s) Kazuko (mix, illustrator)
Category UTAU cover

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