Image of "独りんぼエンヴィー (Hitorinbo Envy)"
Song title
  • "独りんぼエンヴィー"
  • Romaji: Hitorinbo Envii
  • English: Solitary Hide & Seek Envy
  • Official English: Solitary Envy
Uploaded November 29, 2012, with 2,338,000+ Niconico views and 46,600+ YouTube views
  • Denpol-P (music, lyrics, image)
  • SHIN-ICHI SATAKE (image design & retouch)


Denpol-P's most notable song. There are many different fanmade PVs, and various interpretations of the lyrics.

This song is featured in Denpol-P's album World on Color.

This song entered the Hall of Legend. It is also featured in the game Project Diva X.


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
悪戯は知らん顔で itazura wa shiran kao de
言い訳は涙を使って iiwake wa namida wo tsukatte

寂しいな遊びたいな sabishii na asobitai na
蜂蜜みたいにどろどろ hachimitsu mitai ni doro doro

あなたにも あなたにも anata ni mo anata ni mo
私はさ 必要ないでしょ watashi wa sa hitsuyou nai desho

世の中に けんもほろろ yo no naka ni ken mo hororo
楽しそうな お祭りね tanoshisou na omatsuri ne

さあ saa
あんよ あんよ こっちおいで an'yo an'yo kocchi oide
手を叩いて 歩け らったった te wo tataite aruke rattatta
嫌んよ 嫌んよ そっぽ向いて yan yo yan yo soppo muite
今日も私は悪い子 要らん子 kyou mo watashi wa warui ko iran ko

夢見ては極彩色 yume mite wa gokusaishiki
覚めて見るドス黒い両手 samete miru dosu guroi ryoute

私だけ劈く watashi dake tsunzaku
楽しそうな歌声ね tanoshisou na utagoe ne

さあ saa
今夜今夜 あの場所へ kon'ya kon'ya ano basho e
皆で行こう 走れ らったった minna de ikou hashire rattatta
良いな良いな 羨めば ii na ii na urayame ba
楽しく踊る気ままな知らぬ子 tanoshiku odoru kimama na shiranu ko

いちにのさんしでかくれんぼ ichi ni no san shi de kakurenbo
ひろくんはるちゃんみつけた hiro-kun haru-chan mitsuketa
いきをきらしてはおにごっこ iki wo kirashite wa onigokko
きみにつかまっちゃった kimi ni tsukamacchatta

さあ saa
あんよ あんよ こっちおいで an'yo an'yo kocchi oide
手を叩いて 歩け らったった te wo tataite aruke rattatta
震える一歩 踏み出して furueru ippo fumidashite
独りにばいばい hitori ni baibai

ねぇ nee
愛よ 愛よ こっちおいで ai yo ai yo kocchi oide
手を開いて 触れる あっちっち te wo hiraite fureru acchicchi
良いの?良いの?目を明けた ii no? ii no? me wo aketa
今日も明日もみんなと遊ぼう kyou mo ashita mo minna to asobou

Written by an unknown artist, this version of the lyrics was used in the English version of the game Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X.

Mischief with an innocent face
Using tears to make excuses

I'm lonely, I want to go out and play
Thick and sticky like honey

I know that you, I know that you
Don't need me either

Given the cold shoulder by the world
But the party sure looks fun from here

Skip, skip over this way
Clap your hands and walk, ra-ta-ta
No, no! Look away
Now I'm the bad girl that nobody wants again

I had a dream in vivid color
Then woke to see my hands pitch black

Ripping me apart
What a lively singing voice

Tonight, tonight, let's go back there
Let's all go together, run run, ra-ta-ta
How nice, how nice, envious me
A stranger dancing without a care

4-3-2-1, let's play hide-and-seek
I found you, Hiro! I found you, Haru!
Out of breath, playing tag
You caught me

Skip, skip over this way
Clap your hands and walk, ra-ta-ta
Take one trembling step forward
Say bye-bye to being all alone

Love, love, come over this way
Spread your hands & touch, ow, that's hot!
Are you ready? You ready? I open my eyes
Let's play together, today and the next


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Author(s) でも (fanmade PV)
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This song was featured in the following concerts.


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Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X


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