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Song title
  • "秘密ノ金魚"
  • Romaji: Himitsu no Kingyo
  • Official English: Secret Goldfish
Uploaded April 27, 2016, with 10,000+ Niconico views and 330,000+ YouTube views


The Girl didn't show people her treasure
except for her close friend.
It's a little promise between the best friends.

"It's because we're friends"

— Author's comment

Note: This song is known as "The Secret Of The Goldfish" in the Western fandom, but "Secret Goldfish" is more suitable. This tradition comes from Noëlle McHenry's mistranslated title.

A song about a closeted lesbian couple. They show their secrets to one another.

It will be featured on masa's ALCATRAZ, along with the rest of the "Story of Secrets" series.


Note: one of the spreading misconceptions about this song is "in Japan a goldfish is put into a cardboard box and buried when it dies", but there is no such custom in Japan. This tradition comes from Noëlle McHenry's mistranslated subs and description.

Singer + Color
Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
見せて隠して misete kakushite
秘密の金魚 himitsu no kingyo
知らないよと shiranai yo to
孤独のつがい kodoku no tsugai

私が隠した秘密を watashi ga kakushita himitsu o
見せても構わないよ misete mo kamawanai yo
だって私たちは datte watashitachi wa
「友達ナンダカラサ」 "tomodachi nan dakara sa"

目玉、耳、口 medama, mimi, kuchi
髪ノ毛マデ kami no ke made
全テガ subete ga
愛シスギテ itoshi sugite
二人ダケノ futari dake no
秘密 himitsu
「友達ナンダカラサ」 "tomodachi nan dakara sa"

触れて隠して furete kakushite
秘密の金魚 himitsu no kingyo
あなただけが anata dake ga
孤独のつがい kodoku no tsugai

見セテ隠シテ misete kakushite
秘密ノ金魚 himitsu no kingyo
知ラナイヨト shiranai yo to
孤独ノツガイ kodoku no tsugai

私の秘密は watashi no himitsu wa
この箱に kono hako ni
誰も知らない dare mo shiranai
君の箱 kimi no hako

肋骨、鼻、指 abara, hana, yubi
足首マデ ashikubi made
全テヲ subete o
集メタクテ atsumetakute
ワタシダケノ watashi dake no
秘密 himitsu
「友達ナンダカラサ」 "tomodachi nan dakara sa"

見せて焦らして misete jirashite
秘密の金魚 himitsu no kingyo
わたしだけに watashi dake ni
教えた秘密 oshieta himitsu

見セテ隠シテ misete kakushite
秘密ノ金魚 himitsu no kingyo
嬉シイヨト ureshii yo to
貴女ヲ包ム anata o tsutsumu

貴女ノ一部ト anata no ichibu to
コノ子一部ト kono ko no ichibu to
アノ子一部デ ano ko no ichibu de
トモダチ tomodachi

君の笑顔と kimi no egao to
秘密の金魚 himitsu no kingyo
身体が熱くなって karada ga atsuku natte
溶ける tokeru

君ト最後ノ kimi to saigo no
秘密ノ金魚 himitsu no kingyo
二人ダケノ futari dake no
箱ガ閉じゆく hako ga toji yuku

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