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Image of "紅一葉 (Akahitoha)"
Song title
  • "紅一葉"
  • Romaji: Akahitoha
  • English: A Single Red Leaf
  • Official English: Crimson Leaf
Uploaded May 26, 2009, with 1,596,000+ Niconico views


The original song sung by Hatsune Miku was uploaded on February 29, 2008. It was well received with over 300,000 views; however, Luka's version uploaded a year after the original on May 26, 2009, entered "Vocaloid Hall of Fame" with 100,000 views six days after it was uploaded, and reached 1 million views on November 5, 2011.

Miku's version illustrated by various illustrators from piapro such as Kab, nyan_nyan, and kyky; Luka's version illustrated by Moka Ichiyo, background by Geshi and video by Mieno-hito.

Luka's costume was featured in the online game TinierMe, and also featured in a few albums such as EXIT TUNES PRESENTS Vocalodream. KarenT licenced Akahitoha's singles and is available for purchase in iTunes store.

The song tells of a woman who "never misses the water until it's gone". She realized her happiness and love for a man only after he left for war. In the end, she watched the man out to war and promised to love him for eternity.

Preceding versionsEdit

Miku's Version
Featuring Hatsune Miku
Author(s) Kurousa-P, various illustrators from Piapro


Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
風に揺らいで ひらり舞い散る kaze ni yuraide hirari maichiru
君の肩ごしに紅一葉 kimi no katagoshi ni akahitoha
ただ寄り添えば わかりあえると tada yorisoeba wakariaeru to
悲しみは空に消えるだけ kanashimi wa sora ni kieru dake

月明かり照らしてた 遠くの笛の音 御神楽太鼓 tsukiakari terashiteta tooku no fue no ne o-kagura taiko
ありふれた幸せは 思えばこんなに素敵でした arifureta shiawase wa omoeba konna ni suteki deshita

いつか話そう 出会えた喜び itsuka hanasou deaeta yorokobi
淡い愛しさ 知らずにいた awai itoshisa shirazu ni ita

風に揺らいで ひらり舞い散る kaze ni yuraide hirari maichiru
君の肩ごしに紅一葉 kimi no katagoshi ni akahitoha
ただ寄り添えば わかりあえると tada yorisoeba wakariaeru to
悲しみは空に消えるだけ kanashimi wa sora ni kieru dake

穏やかに迫りくる 季節は朧げ 誘いし火影 odayaka ni semarikuru kisetsu wa oboroge sasoishi hokage
躓いて迷いながら 進んでゆくのも悪くないよ tsumazuite mayoinagara susundeyuku no mo warukunai yo

今を漂い 願いよ届けと ima wo tadayoi negai yo todoke to
絶えた祈りを 重ねるだけ taeta inori wo kasaneru dake

忘れられない 思い出がある wasurerarenai omoide ga aru
君の肩ごし 桜紅葉 kimi no katagoshi sakura momiji
強く儚く 世界を埋めて この愛を 永久に捧ぐ tsuyoku hakanaku sekai wo umete kono ai wo towa ni sasagu

風に揺れて ひらり舞い散れ kaze ni yurete hirari maichire
今宵闇夜を 紅く染めて koyoi yamiyo wo akaku somete
ただ寄り添って 抱かれていたい tada yorisotte dakareteitai
悲しみが 空に消えるまで kanashimi ga sora ni kieru made

Written by an unknown artist for the video game Project DIVA X.

The moonlight shone down
In the distance, the sound of a flute
And festival drums
This commonplace happiness
Was such a wonderful thing
Let's talk someday  About the joy of our meeting
About how  We never knew fleeting love
Swaying in the wind  Fluttering down
Over your shoulder I see a single red leaf
Just come close  And we'll understand each other
Our sadness will disappear into the sky
Gently, it draws near
The season shrouded in mist  The beckoning firelight
Venturing out lost and stumbling
Isn't such a bad way to proceed
May my drifitng wishes reach you
Cut-off prayers  Piling up
There are some memories  I can't forget
Over your shoulder  A red sakura leaf
Strong, yet fleeting  They bury the world
I'll offer up this love  For eternity
Swaying in the wind  Fluttering down
Tonight the dark of night  Is colored red
I just want to be close
And be held in your arms
Until our sadness disappears into the sky


Yamai's Cover
Featuring Yamai
Author(s) Yamai
Category Human cover
Ritsuka's Cover
Featuring Ritsuka
Author(s) Ritsuka
Category Human cover
Fanmade Nico Chorus
Featuring Various
Author(s) AnSHI
Category Chorus

ViolinxViola's Violin Cover
Author(s) ViolinxViola
Category Arrangement

AutumnFox's MMD PV
Featuring Megurine Luka
Author(s) AutumnFox
Category Fanmade PV

Other media appearancesEdit


Featured in the game(s)...
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- (DLC)
Hatsune Miku -Project DIVA- X


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