Image of "赤と白と黒の系譜 (Aka to Shiro to Kuro no Keifu)"
Song title
  • "赤と白と黒の系譜"
  • Romaji: Aka to Shiro to Kuro no Keifu
  • Official English: Genealogy of Red, White and Black
Uploaded August 12, 2013 (album) and April 10, 2015 (NN), with 260,000+ Niconico views and 1,472,000+ YouTube views


「White as powder snow, red as blood, black as ebony, bestow these…」

So prayed the woman to the gods
and a miracle child was born

— Author's comment

"Genealogy of Red, White and Black" is an original song by teamOS. It was uploaded to YouTube on April 11, 2015.

One day, during a snow fall, a Queen (Lily) pricks her finger while sitting next to an open window, and drops of red blood drips onto the white snow on the black windowsill. She wishes to have a child "as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony wood". Time after, a little girl, Snow White (Rin) was born.

At first they shared a good relationship, but as the girl grew up, jealousy grew in the queen's heart. She began to hate her daughter, and blamed her for being beautiful. Snow White's heart began to break as red drops fell from it, and escaped from the palace.

Deep in the woods, she encountered a Prince (Len). The beautiful white skin and red lips of hers hit strongly in his heart, so he kidnaps and rapes her. He desires her dead (being a necrophiliac), and accuses her of being beautiful, as it was a "sin". Feeling hopeless, the suffering she had inside was colored white.

Realizing that she wasn't given the love and help she was looking for and instead received hatred, Snow White completely snaps and destroys all the love in her heart and after receiving a sword from the seven dwarfs, she vows to plunge the blade into the ones who ruined her. Whatever was left of her gentle and kind nature dies and a new emotion arose inside her, colored black.

Following the concept of its album If the World, the song is based on a fairy-tale, Snow White. A manga doujinshi based in the song called "The Apple of Discord" is available on Toranoana, with illustrations by Suzunosuke.

This song has entered the Hall of Fame.

Succeeding VersionsEdit

IA, MAYU and VY2's Cover
Featuring IA, MAYU, VY2
Author(s) Hitoshizuku-P × Yama△
Category VOCALOID cover


Singer + Color

Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字)
La tua bellezza è un crimine.
Compensa per il crimine in forma chiamò la morte...

「粉雪の白、血の赤、黒檀の黒、授けて…」 "konayuki no shiro, chi no aka, kokutan no kuro sazukete..."
女は神に願いて 生まれ落ちた奇跡の子 onna wa kami ni negaite umareochita kiseki no ko

いつしか時は流れて 狂いはじめた歯車 itsushika toki wa nagarete kuruihajimeta haguruma
輝きの影に潜む 芽生えた其れは「背徳」 kagayaki no kage ni hisomu mebaeta sore wa "haitoku"

嗚呼 伸ばされたその手を 振り払われて ah nobasareta sono te wo furiharawarete
戸惑い傷つくその姿さえ 疎まれた tomadoi kizutsuku sono sugata sae utomareta
嗚呼 熟していくほどに 染み込んでいく毒 ah jukushiteiku hodo ni shimikondeiku doku
憂い、妬み、憎しみは募り 愛は狂気に変わる urei, netami, nikushimi wa tsunori ai wa kyouki ni kawaru

解れた赤い糸を 無慈悲に笑い、断ち切った hotsureta akai ito wo mujihi ni warai tachikitta
「美しい」 其れが、罪 "utsukushii" sore ga tsumi
裁け、憎らしき哀れな子 sabake, nikurashiki aware na ko
咎無き「罪」を背負い toganaki "tsumi" wo seoi
憎しみの火に焼かれて 滴るその色は nikushimi no hi ni yakarete shitataru sono iro wa
あの日、貴女に授かりし「赤」 ano hi, anata ni sazukarishi "aka"

雪のように白い肌 血塗られたような唇 yuki no you ni shiroi hada chinurareta you na kuchibiru
美しいその娘に 一目で心打たれた utsukushii sono musume ni hitome de kokoro utareta

逃げ延びた森の奥で 一人の男に出会う nigenobita mori no oku de hitori no otoko ni deau
不気味に笑うその瞳に 浮かべた其れは「劣情」 bukimi ni warau sono me ni ukabeta sore wa "retsujou"

嗚呼 希有なる美しさ ah keu naru utsukushisa
捕らえられた、手 toraerareta, te
「今」を「永遠」に閉じ込めてしまいたい "ima" wo "towa" ni tojikometeshimaitai
逃げられない nigerarenai
嗚呼 蔑まれようとも ah sagesumareyou to mo
冷たい瞳、嘲笑… tsumetai hitomi, choushou...
君の全て、この手に入れよう kimi no subete kono te ni ireyou
求めるのは、屍? motomeru no wa shikabane?

儚く白い首に 冷たい指を絡ませた hakanaku shiroi kubi ni tsumetai yubi wo karamaseta
「美しい」 其れは、罪 "utsukushii" sore wa tsumi
奪え、汚れなき哀れな子 ubae, kegarenaki aware na ko

咎無き「罪」を背負い toganaki "tsumi" wo seoi
慰み欲に捕らわれ 苦しむその色は nagusami yoku ni toraware kurushimi sono iro wa
あの日、貴女に授かりし「白」 ano hi, anata ni sazukarishi "shiro"

焦がれた愛は… 与えられず kogareta ai wa... ataerarezu
救いの手は… 魔の手に変わる sukui no te wa... ma no te ni kawaru
望まれたのは…? 「罪」の償い nozomareta no wa...? "tsumi" no tsugunai
私、生は…? 願われは、しない watashi no sei wa...? negaware wa shinai

解れた赤い糸を 静かに胸に抱きしめて hotsureta akai ito wo shizuka ni mune ni dakishimete
滴る感情の名前も知らずに 引き裂いた shitataru kanjou no namae mo shirazu ni hikisaita

砕けた愛の欠片 復讐の刃に変えて kudaketa ai no kakera fukushuu no yaiba ni kaete
仇ナス者、全テ 刻メ、ソノ息ガ止マルマデ adanasu mono subete kizame sono iki ga tomaru made

咎無き「罪」を背負い toganaki "tsumi" wo seoi
憎しみの火に焼かれて 生まれた感情は nikushimi no hi ni yakarete umareta kanjou wa
あの日、あなたに授かりし「黒」 ano hi, anata ni sazukarishi "kuro"

(Your beauty is a sin … )
(Compensate for your crime in the form of death)

「If only I had a child as white as snow, as red as blood, and as black as ebony wood … 」
She begged for God
And a child of miracle was born

Time has passed since then
Things started to go wrong
What began to grow behind the brightness was 「Immorality」

Oh, that hand that reached out
Was shaken off
Even while you were confused and getting hurt
She was disgusted at me
Oh, the more it matures, the more it poisons
Sorrow, jealousy, and hatred are getting stronger day by day
And love turns into insanity

Smiled ruthlessly and cut the red string that had been untied
Your「beauty」makes you guilty
Convict that hateful poor girl

Bearing the groundless「blame」
Being burned by the fires of hatred
What dripping from my heart is colored red
The「red」that you gave me that day

Skin white as snow
Lips red as blood
The beauty in herself
Just one look was enough
Your beauty hits my heart like a bullet

I met a man deep in the woods where I escaped to
He had that creepy smile in his eyes
I could see his「lust」in his eyes

Oh, such a beauty
He grabbed my arms
I want to capture「the moment」 and make it「eternal」
There's no escape
Oh, even if you despise me
His cruel eyes, his derision
I will make you mine, every part of you
Is he craving for a dead body?

I wrapped my cold fingers around her pale, thin neck
Your 「beauty」makes you a sinner
An innocent poor girl
Take her by force

Bearing the groundless「blame」
Being bound by desire for consolation
What suffers inside me is colored white
The「white」that you gave me that day

The love I crave ... wasn't given
The one who I thought would help me out ... became evil
What they want is ... expiation
They don't expect me to ... live

Quietly holding the red string that had been untied
The emotion that dripping from my heart
I tore it apart without knowing what to call it

Broken pieces of love
Change them into a sword of revenge
Destroy everyone who's against me
Lead them to the absolute death

Bearing the groundless「blame」
Being burned by the fires of hatred
This emotion that arose in my heart
The「black」that you gave me that day

Other Media AppearancesEdit



The cover of the Doujin

The illustrator of the song's PV, Suzunosuke, published a manga doujinshi based on the song. It was released on August 12, 2013.

Snow White is walking through the forest alone. The Prince, who was hiding behind a tree, attacks her, but she easily dodges his attacks. He was surprised to discover how skilled she was compared to the last time they met, and she angrily answers that she never wanted to see his "ugly" face ever again. The Prince replies that he thinks she is beautiful when she is angry, and then he follows her after she walks away from him.

He explains that he only feels attraction to dead bodies, even if society deems it abnormal. Snow White asks him why is it so normal for him to kill people without remorse, but he avoids the question and strokes her face. The Prince tells her that he loves her just as she is, but he would prefer her dead because then she would be even "more beautiful". After Snow White slaps his hand away, the Prince giggles because of her "cold nature" but still claims that he loves that part of her too. He quickly draws out a dagger and attempts to stab her with it, but the dwarf Bossy appears and saves her, warning the Prince to never touch her again. Before they leave, he threats Snow White by telling her that he will make her his again.

After returning home, the dwarfs decide that they can't let Snow White wander out in the forest alone any more. Bossy asks why she was out in the forest but she can't reply. She recalls her abandonment by her mother and rape at the hands of the prince and tells the dwarfs she thought she would never receive or give love before meeting them, but now her hope returned. However, she still can't let go of her resentment for the people who hurt her, and the dwarfs gift her a sword. Snow White is thankful but she reminds them that she doesn't know how to sword fight, to which the dwarfs reply that they will train her everyday, and she is moved to tears when they tell her that she wasn't alone in her fight anymore.

Looking down at the blade, Snow White thinks of her mother, but she promises to one day discard the love she feels for her, since she will never have it returned.


Music Box Arrangement
Author(s) R3 Music Box
Category Arrangement


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