Image of "风萤月 (Fēng Yíng Yuè)"
Song title
  • "风萤月"
  • Traditional Chinese: 風螢月
  • Pinyin: Fēng Yíng Yuè
  • English: Wind Firefly Moon
Uploaded May 30, 2013, with 143,000+ bilibili views
  • Zoey (music)
  • Guyangming (lyrics)
  • 15 Lan (illustrator)
  • Baijiecao (video)
  • Xiaomu (planning, supervision)


"Fēng Yíng Yuè" was one of Luo Tianyi's demo songs and was featured in her first album SingSingSing. The remastered version was uploaded to bilibili on May 30, 2013.

The song was based on a Chinese myth that told the story of the dragon god who visited the earth one summer night and disguised himself as a teenage boy (Yuezheng Longya). He encountered a girl (Luo Tianyi) in the forest and they played together while the fireflies flew under the moonlight, and they fell in love. However, the god was not supposed to have feelings for the girl and must leave her. They exchanged vetches as proof of their meeting and love. The god giving her a shiny one since he was a magical being. Hers was dull since she was a human. He turned into a dragon, flew her home, and stayed with her through the rest of the night. The next morning, he disappeared, leaving the girl alone. She woke and felt that their meeting was a dream, however, she still had the vetch he gave her thus proving otherwise.

This song exceeded 100,000 views on bilibili.

Preceding versionsEdit

Short Demo
Featuring Luo Tianyi
Author(s) Zoey
Category Preceding version, Demonstration version


Chinese (中文歌词) Pinyin (拼音)
夏雨别夕庭 缇暮织簟锦 xia yu bie xi ting ti mu zhi dian jin
人语雁归林​​ 东山月满荫 ren yu yan gui lin dongshan yue man yin
芳草憩丘亭 棋花对灯饮 fang cao qi qiu ting qi hua dui deng yin
起舞献君邻 长青共此心 qiwu xian jun lin chang qing gong ci xin

盏天灯 他年寄愿 zhan tian deng ta nian ji yuan
啭林萤 熏风染月 zhuan lin ying xunfeng ran yue

生生繁华于枯荑 shengsheng fanhua yu ku ti
萋萋空翠自灵犀 qiqi kong cui zi lingxi
辉星皓夜苍千顷 hui xing hao ye cang qian qing
此宵 风醉月舞萤 ci xiao feng zui yue wu ying

遗我北山薇 赠君南浦草 wei wo beishan wei zeng jun nanpu cao
篱檐更漏浅 荺香侵古道 li yan geng lou qian yun xiang qin gudao

循河汉 宿曙分萤 xun hehan xiu shu fen ying
秉烛光 熏风染月 bing zhuguang xunfeng ran yue

生生繁华于枯荑 shengsheng fanhua yu ku ti
萋萋空翠自灵犀 qiqi kong cui zi lingxi
辉星皓夜苍千顷 hui xing hao ye cang qian qing
此宵 风醉月舞萤 ci xiao feng zui yue wu ying

风拂翠幕夜如许 feng fu cui mu ye ruxu
月照朱帷香满衾 yue zhao zhuweixiang man qin
时露流萤百草底 shi lu liuying baicao di
一梦氤氲到天明 yi meng yinyun dao tianming
一梦氤氲到天明 yi meng yinyun dao tianming


WIL's Cover
Featuring WIL
Author(s) AromaMinxi
Category VOCALOID cover
Xin Hua's Cover
Featuring Xin Hua
Author(s) 来自夥星的小c
Category VOCALOID cover
YANHE's Cover
Featuring YANHE
Author(s) Gu Yang Ming, Sainker (illustrator), Xuanfeng Ningmeng Zi (video editor), GhostFinal (mixing)
Category VOCALOID cover, fanmade PV
小愛的媽's Cover
Featuring 小愛的媽
Author(s) 小愛的媽
Category Human cover


36759181 p5
Official illustration by artist
36759181 p6
36759181 p7
Dragon form
36759181 p8
Riding together
36759181 p14
Concept of Dragon God and Lead Female

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