Song title
Romaja: Dongto
English: Frozen Land
Uploaded February 24, 2013, with 200+ views
YouTube Broadcast

Background Edit

This song is original GUMI song. Like "새벽의 여신" and "하이텐션", the lyrics are all in Korean but are engineered by using the Japanese voicebank.

Lyrics Edit

Korean (한국어 가사) Romaja (로마자) English
뺨을 스쳐 걀퀴운 ppyameul seuchyeo gyalkwiun "Hello" from the Frozen Land
동토의 낯선 반김 dongtoui natseon bangim making wound on my cheek

그 아린 상처 속 geu arin sangcheo sok Little naughty boy sleeps
웅크리고 잠이 든 ungkeurigo jami deun in bloody crack on cheek
따스한 얄미움 ttaseuhan yalmium with his body shrunk

해변가에 앉아 haebyeongae anja Seating in front of Anjunabeach
흘러나온 몽환 속 heulleonaon monghwan sok I swing my legs in the water,
몸을 담구면 momeul damgumyeon saturated by her misty-dreamy kiss

손끝마디 와닿은 sonkkeutmadi wadoheun Silhouette of her heart,
거울같은 물결 geoulgateun mulgyeol reflected on fragile waves,
비추어 일그러진 소녀 bichueo ilgeureojin sonyeo will be broken when my fingers touch

바닥으로 끝없이 badageuro kkeuteopsi Ringing through
한없이 haneopsi the frozen floor
기나리게 ginarige eternally,
울리운 ulliun there was never ending story

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