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Song title
  • "미아"
  • Romaja: Mia
Uploaded April 8, 2016, with 240+ SoundCloud views and 430+ YouTube views
  • Phryxia (music, lyrics)
  • QiimV (illust)


Inspired by the game charcter, Mia the Druid. Mia is a character in Korean AOS-like game: Cyphers. She uses skills that are related to huge tree and poisonous weeds.

Although she is expressed as cute, bright personality, she has very bad life story. Her mind is full of nothing but void and guiltiness of killing her brother(even it's not). Everything is caused by another character, Tanya the Hunter. Because of her, Mia developed her deadly, gloomy ability only to isolate by herself. Though the reason why most of the other characters think Mia as a bright person is, because she NEVER appeals her bad time to others but hide it.

"Mia" is an original Korean song featuring SeeU. It is the first song to be published by producer Phryxia after leaving on an unannounced hiatus for a couple of years. The song was inspired by the character Mia the Druid, who is from the popular Korean game Cyphers.


Korean (한국어 가사) Romaja (로마자) English
혼자 울어도(울지 않아도) 몰라 honja ureodo (ulji anhado) molla Don't know even I cry (or not)
듣지 않아도(들어도) 모르지 deutji anhado (deureodo) moreuji Can't understand even you hear (or not)
내게 내민 손 외면하기 naege naemin son wimyeonhagi So I ignore the hand of help

푸른 나무에 잠깐 기대고선 pureun namue jamkkan gidaegoseon Laid under the green tree,
그 아이가 있던 꿈 속으로 geu aiga itdeon kkum sogeuro I dreamed the world that has 'him'

노란색 뜰에 혼자 색 바랜 noransaek tteure honja saek baraen The memory faded alone
꽃잎에 떨어진 기억을 kkochipe tteoreojin gieogeul in the field of yellow petals-

보라색 숨에 살짝 시든 borasaek sume saljjak sideun and the reminiscence on the
꽃잎에 떨어진 추억을 kkochipe tteoreojin chueogeul petal, decayed by violet breath

바오밥 나무 아래 baobap namu arae Under the baobab tree
모두 잊고서 잠들지 modu itgoseo jamdeulji Everything is gone with sweet sleep
빛도 닿지 않는 가시 속에... bitdo dachi anneun gasi soge... in the bush of thorn with complete darkness

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