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Song title
  • "백일홍"
  • Romaja: Baegilhong
  • English: Zinnia
Uploaded August 9, 2012
  • YAGI
  • Se-mi, Cho (director)
  • Hyun-jin, Lee (music)
  • Soo Kyeong, Lee (lyrics)
  • CHRIS (illust)


The story is manly based on Korean traditional legend about zinnia.

Once upon a time, a fishing village was threatened by a sea serpent. Village people had to offer a beautiful girl as sacrifice to the moster once a year. One year, when a girl was selected as a sacrifice as usual her fiance volunteered to kill the sepent. Before leaving for the sea, he told his lover "If I come back with a white flag it means I'm success. But if I raise a red flag you will know that I'm dead." Everyday the girl climbed up the cliff and waited his boat to come back. After 100 days his boat finally showed up but its flag was red. In fact it was the white flag splattered with blood of monster and the fiance was alive. However She misunderstood the situation and threw herself into the sea in desperation. Later, A red flower bloomed for 100 days on the top of the cliff where she waited for. People called the flower Zinnia.

— Author's comment


Korean (한국어 가사) Romaja (로마자)
그에게 빠져 geuege bbajyeo
영혼을 버려 yeonghoneul beoryeo
그에게 빠져 geu ege ppajyeo
모든걸 버려(x2) modeungeol beoryeo (x2)

한걸음 두걸음 hangeoreum dugeoreum
멀리 있어도 meolli isseodo
이미 그대는 내 안에 imi geudaeneun nae ane
나는 그대 안에 naneun geudae ane

괜찮아요 말하지 않아도 gwaechanhayo malhaji anhado
괜찮아요 gwaechanhayo
넘치는 그 마음이 날 기쁘게 했으니까 neomchineun geu ma-eumi nal gippeuge haesseunikka

저 여자를 바쳐 jeo yeojareul bacheo
우리 마을을 지켜 uri ma-eureul jikyeo
너의 목숨을 버려 neowi moksumeul beoryeo
영원한 날을 위해 yeongweon han nareul wihae

고개 돌리면 gogae dollimyeon
아무 말 없는 amu mal eomnneun
그대 안고 geudae ango
심연의 바다로 simyeonwi badaro

그에게 빠져 geuege bbajyeo
영혼을 버려 yeonghoneul beoyreo
그에게 빠져 geuege ppajyeo
모든걸 버려(x3) modeungeol beoryeo (x3)

우리 만나요 uri mannayo
백일 걸어 닿는 그 곳 baegil georeo danneun geugot
그리움 없는 곳에서 함께 geurium eomnneun goteseo hamkke
외로운 그믐달 다홍빛 너머 weroun geumeumdal dahongbit neomeo
다시 만나요 dasi mannayo
백일 걸어 닿는 그 곳 baegil georeo daneun geugot

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