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Song title
Romaja: Ibyeol
English: Farewell
Uploaded June 19, 2016, with 100+ views
YouTube Broadcast


"Ibyeol" is an original Korean song by Hyeonsumin featuring SeeU. The singer laments the loss of their lover, having lost sleep many nights thinking of the person they will never see again.


Korean (한국어 가사) Romaja (로마자)
꽃들은 떨어지고 kkotdeureun tteoreojigo
그대도 떠나고 geudaedo tteonago
하염없이 흐르는 눈물만이 남았네 hayeomeopsi heureuneun nunmulmani namanne
다시는 못볼 그대 dasineun motbol geudae
얼굴이 그리워 eolguri geuriweo
나도 그대 따라갈 수 있을까요 nado geudae ttaragal su isseulkkayo
그대가 떠나간곳 여기에는 geudaega tteonagangot yeogieneun
아무것도 남지 않아 amugeotdo namji anha
그대가 없인 살수 없는 이몸 geudaega eopsin salsu eopnneun imom
나 곧 따라가오 na got ttaragao
나 곧 따라가오.. na got ttaragao..

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