Image of "종대 (Jongdae)"
Song title
  • "종대"
    Romaja: Jongdae
Uploaded September 19, 2014, with 950+ YouTube views
  • 『Haru Del Rey』

Background Edit

"종대" is an original Rana song, in which the only lyric repeated is "Jongdae". This is in reference to Chen, aka Jongdae, who is a member of the K-Pop group EXO.

Lyrics Edit

Korean (한국어 가사) Romaja (로마자)
대대, 종대 종대대, 종대, 종대 종 dae-dae, jongdae jongdae-dae, jongdae, jongdae jong
종대, 종대 종 jongdae, jongdae jong

종대 종대 종대대대대 jongdae jongdae jongdae-dae-dae-dae
종대 종대 종 jongdae jongdae jong