Song title
Romaja: Haitensyeon
English: Hi-Tension
Uploaded February 2, 2013, with 500+ views
Phryxia (music, lyrics)
Qinya (illust)
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Background Edit

This song is an original GUMI song. Like "새벽의 여신" and "동토", the lyrics are all in Korean, but are engineered by using the Japanese voicebank.

Lyrics Edit

Korean (한국어 가사) Romaja (로마자) English
하이텐션 난 당당하게 걷지 haitensyeon nan dangdanghage geotji High tension~ I walk proudly
때로는 담백하게에 ttaeroneun dambaekhagee Sometimes simple and dry
때로는 흠뻑 젖어 ttaeroneun heumppeok jeojeo Sometimes bluesy and wet

머리에 물음표 meorie mureumpyo Question mark went over your head
고개를 갸우뚱해봐도 gogaereul gyauttunghaebwado So you lift your shoulder up
넌 모르겠지만 neon moreugetjiman but nobody answer.
그래도 좋은 걸 geuraedo joheun geol Never mind, just good to listen, boy?

마음 아린 간직한 꿈조각들을 고이접어서 maeum arin ganjikhan kkumjogakdeureul goijeopeoseo Foldering my dreamy clouds on my heart
흘러가는 시간의 강물에 흘려보낼거야 heulleoganeun siganui gangmure heullyeobonaelgaya and I'm going to let it go on the river of time

오늘은 요염한 고양이 oneureun yoyeomhan goyangi Today is Miss. Sexy Cat
내일은 하늘한 천사님 naeireun haneulhan cheonsanim and tommorow will be an Angel.
어쩌면 가끔 빨간 먹구름이 eojjeomyeon gakkeum ppalgan meokgureumi Maybe it would be red-cloudy day...
때로는 빠르게 말하고 ttaeroneun ppareuge malhago Somtimes I talk like twitter
때로는 천천히 속삭여 ttaeroneun cheoncheonhi soksogyeo and other days I whisper to you
오늘은 무얼 부를까 oneureun mueol bureulkka Is there another Mr. Composer for me?

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