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*Luna is a producer who is known for using GUMI.
STATUS:January 2012 → Present
GENRE:Pop, ballad
OFFICIAL:Blog, Tumblr, (Old Blog)
URL(s)Niconico, Piapro, SoundCloud, Twitter, YouTube
WORKS: (Upload date)
  1. "チェイス" (GUMI) (Jan.22.2012)
  2. "なつくれ" (GUMI) (Feb.05.2012)
  3. "ディスアピアー" (GUMI) (Feb.17.2012)
  4. "言の葉" (GUMI) (Mar.03.2012)
  5. "ハンタイコトバ" (GUMI) (Mar.29.2012)
  6. "レストア" (GUMI) (May.18.2012)
  7. "君と僕の道" (GUMI) (Jun.23.2012)
  8. "夏色コンテナー" (GUMI) (Sep.10.2012)
  9. "ここだけの話" (GUMI) (Sep.14.2012)
  10. "阻碍-ディセンブロイル" (GUMI) (Oct.06.2012)
  11. "暗鬼-マニピュレイト" (GUMI) (Oct.20.2012)
  12. "挽回-ディスティンクト" (GUMI) (Nov.03.2012)
  13. "廃棄-アーティフィシャル" (GUMI) (Nov.03.2012)
  14. "乖離-エンジェンダー" (GUMI) (Nov.11.2012)
  15. "開幕-リプレースメント" (GUMI) (Nov.17.2012)
  16. "欺瞞-ディスエイブル" (GUMI) (Dec.01.2012)
  17. "プラカード" (GUMI) (Jan.04.2013)
  18. "バレンタインの歌" (GUMI) (Feb.18.2013)
  19. "真夏日ステップ" (GUMI) (Aug.25.2013)
  20. "夏の風の向こう" (GUMI) (Nov.18.2013)
  21. "ACCEPTANCE" (GUMI) (Jan.03.2014)
  22. "遠視" (GUMI) (Apr.18.2014)
  23. "嫉妬心" (GUMI) (Jun.20.2014)
  24. "夏色コンテナー (Acoustic Ver)" (GUMI) (Jun.27.2014)
  25. "Connection" (GUMI) (Jul.05.2014)
  26. "やる気が出ない" (GUMI) (Jul.12.2014)
  27. "忘れないもの" (GUMI) (Jul.18.2014)
  28. "夢追い語り" (GUMI) (Jul.25.2014)
  29. "期末試験" (GUMI) (Aug.01.2014)
  30. "言の葉 (Remake)" (GUMI) (Dec.14.2014)
  31. "つまらない人" (GUMI) (Jan.23.2015)
  32. "スーパーチャイルド" (IA, GUMI) (Feb.01.2015)
  33. "Oh My Darling" (GUMI) (Feb.06.2015)
  34. "ダンスパーリー☆ミッドナイト on 2.14" (GUMI) (Feb.14.2015)
  35. "世直しロッキンガール" (GUMI) (Mar.20.2015)
  36. "Ostracized" (GUMI) (Mar.29.2015)
  37. "春風ノスタルジー" (GUMI) (May.15.2015)
  38. "ベールの奥を覗かないで" (GUMI) (May.22.2015)
  39. "Favorite" (GUMI) (Jun.06.2015)
  40. "White" (GUMI) (Jul.26.2015)
  41. "僕は飛ぶ" (GUMI) (Aug.09.2015)
  42. "君とバイバイ" (GUMI) (Aug.31.2015)
  43. "夏の氷と君の影" (GUMI) (Sep.03.2015)
  44. "アフェクテッド・ガール" (GUMI) (Oct.28.2015)
  45. "嫉妬心" (Rana) (Nov.19.2015)

Songs / Featured WorksEdit


Uploaded 2015.11.01 Featuring Chika, Utatane Piko, Nekomura Iroha, anon, kanon, Lily, KYO, flower, VY1, KAITO, Kaai Yuki, Tone Rion, Tohoku Zunko, Yuzuki Yukari, MAYU, MEIKO
Music *Luna, Waka (mastering, mix) Main article classroom
Lyrics *Luna
Video Bibi (illust), Neginuki (video)


H**rtful Pieces
Title H**rtful Pieces    
Producer *Luna  
Release Date November 14, 2015  
Title Main Character (メインキャラクター)    
Producer *Luna, (Bibi, Haluo)  
Release Date April 29, 2016  

Compilation AlbumsEdit

  • ボカロのダンスカーニバル feat. 初音ミク -Released: May 30, 2015
    (Song(s) featured: Favorite)
  • classroom -Released: October 11, 2015
    (Song(s) featured: classroom, 優等生)
  • Next stage for New world feat.GUMI -Released: December 18, 2015
    (Song(s) featured: 夢追い語り)

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