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"-Xin Hua- first CD" is Xin Hua's first album and holds four tracks. These songs were featured as her demo songs prior to her release. It was distributed through Taiwan International Comic Con.

It could be purchased from the Facio store: here. It is also sold on taobao: here.

Xin hua first CD
Released February 10th, 2015
Producer doriko and HoneyWorks
Price 200 NTB
Illust. VOFAN
Track list
Shī / Poem
doriko feat. Xin Hua
2. 魔法旋律
Mófǎ Xuánlǜ / Magic Melody
HoneyWorks feat. Xin Hua
3. 詩 (Instrumental)
Shī (Instrumental) / Poem (Instrumental)
4. 魔法旋律 (Instrumental)
Mófǎ Xuánlǜ (Instrumental) / Magic Melody (Instrumental)
Xin hua album
Xīn Huá (心華)

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