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555 YukaKiyo
Song title
Uploaded December 02, 2012, with 2,100+ (NND), 600+ (YT) views
Hiyama Kiyoteru and Yuzuki Yukari
Medic-P (lyrics, music, illustration)
Niconico Broadcast • YouTube Broadcast


Medic-P's 14th original song. It is her 12th song featuring Yukari and 3rd song featuring Kiyoteru.

This song was written for Kiyoteru's and Yukari's third and first anniversaries, respectively.


Singer Color
Yukari Purple
Kiyoteru Brown
Both Black
Japanese (日本語歌詞) Romaji (ローマ字) English (official)
蒼い草原 朝露に映る空 aoi sougen asatsuyu ni utsuru sora A blue prairie, the sky reflected in the morning dew.
見上げれば、ほら。 明るく輝きだす日の出 miagere ba, hora. akaruku kagayaki dasu hi no de Look up. it is sunrise beginning to glow brightly, you see.
冷たく澄んだ 川のせせらぎ 遠くで tsumetaku sunda kawa no seseragi touku de In the distance, we hear the cold clear stream.
ゆるいまなざし あの日の 木漏れ日みたいだね yurui manazashi ano hi no komorebi mitai da ne Your slow look is like the sunshine filtering through foliage of that day.

さみしいときもあるけれど ひとりじゃないんだ。 samishii toki mo aru keredo hitori janai n da. Though we are sometimes lonely, we are not alone.
ふりかえり、そう思えるから furikaeri, sou omoeru kara I think so that I look back. Therefore...

これからも、そう。 ぼくらは、自分らしく生きよう kore kara mou, sou. bokura wa, jibun rashiku ikiyou We will live like ourself from now on.
かけがえのない あなたと この巡り合わせに ありがとう kakegae no nai anata to kono meguri awase ni arigatou Thanks to irreplaceable you and this turn of fate.

ありがとう。 arigatou. ... Thank you ...

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